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Venison shanks browning away nicely (in a mixture of unpasturised ghee and bacon drippings)...

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Chris. Where's my invite? Your kitchen is a place of magic and mystery!
What sides go with it? You've given me inspiration here. I haven't cooked Venison before.
+Ron Pemberton We'll have it with courgette, maybe some chard, but then we're eating paleo. It would be perfect with creamy mashed potato. 
I'm grilling some of your favorite american tube steak today. But this looks much better. 
+Mike Dye I love steak! We actually got some ox cheeks to do later in the week; amazing after a slow braise. 
I have to admit I've never even thought of eating the check of an ox. 
+Mike Dye After a few hours long'n'low it's almost like well cooked ribs, but with even more depth of flavour. Delicious. 
You guys eat some pretty exotic stuff across the pond. When my wife and I were in London on our honey moon I had a bacon burger... But the bacon was more like sliced ham 
+Mike Dye We have a whole hare (skinned, thankfully) in the fridge, though I'm not entirely sure what we'll do with it. But you've reminded me how amazing gammon can be, so we may have to indulge in that next weekend...
An iPhone 5 (prepares to be lynched...)
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