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So what toys did you get for Christmas?

Part of me misses the childhood days of getting actual toys for Christmas. This year, it was mostly practical things (and a rather nice bottle of gin from my brother, who obviously knows me far too well) and a sprinkling of cash from relatives who can't figure out what to buy me these days. I'm not complaining, of course!

So, what new toys did you get over the holidays - any gadgets you're particularly excited about?

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I got a radio scanner and I am waiting for my other toy to arrive.....HiSense Plus. I can't wait to start messing with those.
Hisense pulse. Going to leave our co-star at my parents house for them to use
I got a parrot ar drone. Total surprise. 
Can you believe it, someone actually got me Peace On Earth AND Goodwill To All Men! There was a problem with the courier though, not sure when it's getting delivered.

I did buy a bubble machine for my 2yr old niece. Best. Present. Ever.
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