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It's snowing again in London, so my mood turns to cooking. Previously, I would've ended up baking, but since we're keeping paleo at the moment, I'm cooking savoury things instead.

So, for tonight there are beef cheeks braising in red wine with tomato, garlic and onion, and they'll get sweet red pepper and some other things later on after they've had 4-5hrs slow in the oven. By that point, the beef will be meltingly tender.

Meanwhile, once that's out the oven, the hare (currently marinating in tarragon, wine, and red onion) will go in for a shorter cook. Probably with wholegrain mustard, and maybe finished off with some cream. That's for Monday's dinner, though.

What are you guys eating today?

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+Keef Hinton Yum! We don't do much with pork, beyond bacon, but it's always a treat when we do have it. Especially if the skin is super-crispy!
I am coming to your house that sounds heavenly!
Here in New England there's fried chicken, pizza, chips & dip along with anything else people bring. And let's not forget, plenty of cold beer. GO PATS !!!!
+Trudy Connor Ha! I wasn't so enthused while trying to butcher the hare earlier, I have to say. First time I've tried to do that; thankfully it had already been skinned and mostly disembowelled!
I have the choice of Turkish Buffet, Italian(ish) or room service. Had the buffet the other night and it was crap, Italian is OK, for a Saudi version, and Room service has a dull menu. Maybe time to run to the Mall food court for some Shawarma.
Burgers, Burgers, Chicken Burgers, Pizza, Shawarma (kebabs to you and me) Noodles, or curry......
My cheese and bacon bread is currently proving, should be ready to go in the oven in about 30 min. I kneaded it just before lunch with a little help from my (3 year old) daughter.
+Chris Davies it was, with a glass of cider, plus my wife and daughter made chocolate chip cookies for afters. :)
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