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Sometimes I really love researching and writing about technology. Augmented reality has been around a long time, and Google's +Project Glass comes at the tail-end of some incredibly interesting R&D.

If you think Project Glass is improbable, you really need to read this.

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(cc. +Robert Scoble +Sebastian Thrun +Babak Parviz +Steve Lee)
Google's Project Glass has been through the usual story arc - rumors, a mind-blowing concept demo, rabid excitement, practicality doubts and then simmering
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The Govt. would never let this be a reality .. As simple as that
+Russell Holly Why is it difficult to understand, it's hazardous in certain ways .. Driving and looking at Maps, not happening .. Walking and reading e-mails in the street, potentially bumping into people or traffic - not happening .. A few reasons are enough for the govt.
+Lord Blade except those things already happen, using the existing non-transparent mediums. People bump into me all the time on the street, using their silly translucent smartphones to enjoy content. GPS screens units are starting to exceed 5", and "the government" doesn't seem to have any problem with these monsters being mounted right in our front windshields.

By comparison, Project Glass is way safer.
I would love it if they come out, who wouldn't want to look like the saiyans from Dragonball .. That's like a memory from everyone's childhood isn't it .. .. But to make these a part of someone's life, there just has to be another way. Maybe they should just make them projections on surface when needed. Over the eyes wouldn't be passed by the old & clumsy bunch of politicians
A step away from a computer chip implant. What a awesome time to be alive. Group Hug!
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