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Cheryl Allin originally shared:
Great article on the SOPA issue being debated as we speak. It's downright scary! Corporations and the multitudes of congresspeople in their pockets dismiss and laugh at how they're "not nerds," and don't get the Internets at all.
I remember fondly the days when we were all tickled pink by our elected officials’ struggle to understand how the internet works. Whether it was George W. Bush referring to “the internets” or Senator ...
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Chris Currie

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The only loop hole I see here is that a CEO uses his own money after giving himself a raise in order to give it as a person to a politician.
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I'm not paranoid. I'm smart enough not to call most of the money made from policies made by some of these corporations who have made incredibly large campaign contributions a coincidence. Politicians are bought everyday and they are all the same except for price.
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Chris Currie

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Old Morris Bridge Road Office Design (OMBR Office)
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Chris Currie

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I am a CAD designer with 15 years of professional experience as an independent contractor looking for work in the AEC industry and will relocate for the right opportunity. I have worked on may different types of buildings in multiple disciplines. I have also worked in the oil and gas industry. The contract work I have been doing is nice to have but it's not enough to keep me running. If you have any openings or jobs I can do please send me a message and I will get back with you promptly. Thank you for your time and consideration. Best Regards, Chris Currie
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Possibly the following might be helpful for you:
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Chris Currie

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I couldn't agree more. Also take their pensions instead of firefighter's and school teacher's pensions.
Valerie Anderle originally shared:
To all our elected officials:
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One sad thing is seeing relatively affluent and resourceful people taking advantage or enjoying public services, using their SS retirement income to pay for vacation cruises. Just because one's entitled to a benefit, doesn't mean one should use it, if you have other resources to pay.
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Chris Currie

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Here is the office building I am still designing. I still need to finish off some of the interior details and add review finishes along with lighting. I also have some work on the structural side of things I need to finish. After talking with my engineer friend he tells me the cantilevers will be a bit of a challenge but his biggest concern is the void at the stair tower corner. I told him that's the main feature of the tower and he replied it's going to be expensive. Once I am done with the building I will have to export it for rendering so I can update and correct the lighting fixtures.

Over all I think the project is about 85% done after I am done with a code review of it I will start working on the engineering side of it. I will have to get air conditioning, plumbing and electric for it finished off.

The short list of manufacturer and materials used.
Lighting: Targetti, Louis Poulsen, AMX, Bruck Lighting and Lithonia
Furniture: Cattelan Italia, Componance, Robern Vanities, Herman Miller and Gamma International
Equipment: Oce, Samsung, Logitech, Polk Audio
Appliances: Miele
Plumbing: Kohler and Jacuzzi
Glass: Innovative Structural Glass, PPG, and Smart Glass International
Finishes: Chrome, Quartzite, Corian, Zodiaq, Acrovyn, Cypress, Cherrywood, Bishop wood, and Cherry wood.

Well let me know what you think. I am still looking for work in the AEC industry and can not find anything.
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Chris Currie

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Thanks Pampana for the cool photos
Pampana V Rao originally shared:
Via +Elena Nikitinykh


On the mountain Tyanmen (Heaven's Gate), located in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Hunan Province, China, was established trails of glass on the rocks 1430m above sea level,
Since the glass specially supported in absolute purity, tourists need some time to get accustomed to the seeming emptiness under our feet over a huge chasm.
It is a mountain in the park inspired the famous film "Avatar," the idea of floating mountains of Pandora.
Enterprising Chinese in order to advertise even renamed one of the peaks of Mount Tszyankunchzhu ("South of Heaven pillar") in the Avatar Hallelujah Mountain (Mountain "Hallelujah Avatar"), and advertising positions attract tourists slogans such as "Pandora far and near Zhangjiajie."
"This way the sky" has become a hot topic that is so open to the public.
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ya really ?
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Chris Currie

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This is my latest design update on the OMBR Office which will be located northeast of Tampa, Florida. It is a mixed use building with an apartment on the top floor. I was set loose and was told to go as "extreme" as I wanted with the design. This design is cantilevered to accommodate all of the requirements the governing agencies in the Tampa area regardless of how impractical some of them were. I also new that I had to make this whole design practical in its' functionality also.

You will notice Interstate 75 in the background which also gave a bunch of problems that needed to be addressed in the design too. The tallest of the rectangular towers is the egress stair case. The second rectangular tower you see is the elevator shaft. I used these two structural features not only as their intended use but gave them yet another added function in the design. They both are used as a sound barrier blocking the sound from the Interstate 75 into the rest of the building. The large sail like walls projecting out of the building not only insulate the sound but also support the post tensioned cantilevered slabs.

Due to the considerable amount of trees on the property I felt the greenest thing to do was to incorporate them into the design. I wanted to keep as many trees as possible not only for their insulating properties and the environment but for their natural beauty as well. There is even a designated wetland area on the property at Cow House Creek that empties out into the Hillsborough River. This was the only thing that was truly worth looking at from the site.

I decided to use tinted seamless glass fin curtain walls by Innovative Structural Glass on the north and south sides of the building to maximize the views with a heavy focus on the nature. I also wanted to make sure that the guard rails did not obstructed the view so they are glass too. On the apartment level Research Frontiers SPD-SmartGlass is used on seamless glass fin walls to provide the maximum amount of view but only on an "on demand" basis addressing the typical privacy issue. The smart glass also cuts down on the electric bill when activated, functioning similar to curtains or blinds with a cleaner modern appearance.

The red rectangular projection off the cantilever is an insulated metal stud wall with a Alcoa Reynobond exterior which is made of recycled aluminum. It houses the common ares of the office and the plumbing vents are concealed with in the sail wall projecting out of the top. This was done for a very clean look and yet still providing a usable private deck for the apartment.

The roof is a slab tilted at 15 degrees to the south and supported like the rest of the post tensioned slabs for the floors. It also has 20 Uni-Solar PowerBond PVL roll up solar panels to reduce the amount of electricity needed to cool and heat the building.

The inside of this building is just as extreme as the exterior. I wanted to match the exterior of the building including the nature element. I also know that in order to create balance I need to create a contrast to all of the sharp edges and squared features through out the design. So I went to the extreme again collecting pictures of women celebrities and nude models to create curved features with in the interior portions of the building. When my client saw it under development it even took him by surprise.

I am also still working on the idea of flipping the parking lot with 30 spaces for privacy and to make the primary view of the site better. If I can not do this due to some restraint, technically it still works because eventually people go home from work although it's not ideal. I will have more images of interiors and possibly some more up to date images after my next visit to Tampa.
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Project Engineer / BIM Designer / CAD Designer / Project Coordinator w/ over 15 yrs. experience. Looking for work
Dear Fellow Colleagues,     I consider myself a highly motivated and accomplished professional that has worked in the A/E/C industry for over 15 years and I am willing to relocate for the right opportunity. I've worked for three structural engineering firms, two MEP firms and a fuel storage design firm and an electrical contractor in the past. I also worked for a design build firm for approximately 12 years at the same time where I've experienced the work of several disciplines on numerous projects. Upon arriving in the Washington DC area I worked at a mechanical and plumbing firm until they recently went out of business.     My past titles were network administrator, computer repair technician, project manager, CAD designer, CAD technician, CAD operator, CAD manager, CAD Guru, Project Engineer, Project Coordinator and anything else my client had a need for. If a title was all I was after I would have quit working in this industry a long time ago. To simplify it for everyone I just called myself an independent contractor throughout most of my career. The benefit of being an independent contractor is the exposure to numerous CAD programs within several different types of firms from design build to multi-discipline firms on a wide variety of commercial projects. Working as an independent contractor is more demanding than working as an employee. Keeping clients happy as an independent contractor requires flexibility, adaptability and the desire to learn because each different firm has their own needs. My diverse experience has also led me to continuously evaluate solutions to potential problems within the entire project instead of problems within just one discipline.     My use of AutoCAD dates back to release 10 which was sold in 1988, and is as recent as the 2015 releases. AutoDesk has released several variations of AutoCAD to reflect the needs of individual disciplines such as Land Desktop, Autocad MEP, Architectural Desktop, AutoCAD Civil 3D and more. Since not all clients are alike and have different needs I have had to modify several of these CAD programs. I have incorporated customizations, libraries, menus, commands and more to enhance the overall efficiency of production while managing it all. Some of the CAD software I have used on projects are Microstation, Navisworks, Bluebeam Revu, Inventor, Revit, Alibre, AutoSketch, and Trimble SketchUp just to name a few. I have provided some links to some online portfolios of finished projects I have worked on throughout my career for you to look at below. I look forward to discussing the possibility of working with you and your talented staff on new challenging projects. Thank you for your time and consideration.   Best Regards,   Chris Currie
Bragging rights
I have drawn up designs to everything from air ports, fuel storage facilities, jails, schools, malls, theme parks, resorts, hotels, hospitals, high rises, religious buildings, and office buildings down to the little gas station you might get your cup of coffee at in the morning on the way to work. I have done this in just about every discipline you can think of too. Some people say a picture says 1,000 words so feel free to check out my portfolio.
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Washington D.C.
Tampa, Florida - Orlando, Florida - Kissimmee, Florida - San Diego, California - Los Angeles, California
Project Engineer / BIM Designer / CAD Designer / Project Coordinator
  • The Williams Companies
    Full Time Employee - Lead Project Coordinator (BIM & VDC), 2013 - 2014
    • Developed BIM files for mixed use high rise buildings in the Washington DC area. • Provided solutions for construction conflicts and constructability issues within the MEP trades. • Conducted several surveys for field changes not noted on the design documents • Corrected design flaws, errors, and omissions prior to construction. • Provided and submitted RFIs to resolve design and constructability issues within the project • Review designs and specifications ensure the project was being built per specifications • Represented the company in all aspects of the BIM coordination and directed the construction for the project while maintaining Navisworks files for he entire project. • Developed HVAC shop drawings for fabrication • Resized and recalculated ducts for HVAC systems Past projects: Meridian at Eisenhower Station Mixed use high-rise with 24 stories 505 Units (560,000 sqft.) 3 Levels of underground parking (200,000 sqft.) Atlantic Plumbing Redevelopment Mixed use mid-rise with 11 stories 310 Units (290,000 sqft.) 2 Levels of underground parking (81,000 sqft.) 3 Retail spaces (15,000 sqft.) 7 Artist studios (4,300 sqft.) Meridian at Mt. Vernon Triangle Mixed use mid-rise with 14 stories 390 Units (419,714 sqft.) 3 Levels of underground parking (112,250 sqft.)
  • Laeqali and Associates Inc.
    Independent Contractor per Project Basis - CAD Designer, CAD Management & Network Admin., 2001 - 2013
    • Developed 3D models, 2D drawings and documentation for multiple disciplines using numerous programs on hundreds of commercial projects including gas stations, hotels, schools, restaurants, warehouses, stores and religious structures. • Assisted on developing bid packages for local, federal and state funded projects. • Reviewed and addressed comments from building departments and other government agencies to resolve permitting issues. • Collaborated with project team members to limit/resolve technical design issues. • Supported the firm in all aspects of CAD/BIM design from presentations to final design packages. • Ensured the accuracy of drawings and maintained production schedules. • Supervised and conducted field surveys, inspections or technical investigations to obtain data required to revise construction drawings. • Laid out and planned interior room arrangements for commercial buildings using CAD/BIM software. • Analyzed building codes, by-laws, space and site requirements, reports and other technical documents to determine their effect on the final design. • Developed rough and detailed scale plans for foundations, buildings and structures, based on preliminary concepts, sketches, engineering calculations, specification sheets and other data. • Responsible for all computer hardware and software including the network
  • Tri-City Electrical Contractors, Inc.
    Full Time Employee - Project Engineer, 2012 - 2013
    • Responsible for the company's BIM coordination and layout drawings. • Assist in the review of shop drawings to ensure their compliance with contract. • Ensure project engineering activities comply with company and contract requirements and over all schedule. • Provide technical support for construction effort including participation in construction planning and design; interpretation of design; interpretation of technical specifications; application of construction methods; resolution and documentation of design conflicts; constructability reviews, & etc. • Develop, implement and administer project engineering procedures and other work controlling documents. • Represent company, project and/or department during A/E, client and project management meetings. • Interface all on-site departments to resolve problems, ensure quality of construction, etc. in support of overall project schedules. • Provide RFIs and discrepancies to designers after reviewing submitted construction documentation Past project: The Four Seasons Resort at Walt Disney World located in the Golden Oaks. • A 20 story tower, a convention center, 6 out buildings 3 pools a lazy river, a spa on a 27 acre site. • Total cost of the project estimated at $450 million dollars.
  • ECMC Services Inc.
    Full Time Employee - Autocad Designer & Network Admin., 2007 - 2008
    • Developed CAD files and plans for Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans for fuel storage facilities to ensure adherence to requirements of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency • Provided 2D & 3D CAD designs for fuel storage, piping systems for shipping ports, airports and military bases which included: • Automatic Control Systems • SPCC & FRP Plans • Fire Protection Systems • Enviornmental Compliance • Site Plans • Fuel System Diagrams • Pipeline Receipt Stations • Fuel Pumping Stations • Hydrant Fuel Systems • Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID) • Fuel Filter Stations • Storage Tank Farms • Ensured CAD documentation complied with company and contract requirements while meeting or exceeding over all project deadlines. • Managed a government contractor grade network infrastructure with security installation for data and telecommunications. • Upgraded / repaired equipment and specified new hardware for a government contractor grade network infrastructure with security installation for data and telecommunications.
  • KAMM Consulting Inc.
    Independent Contractor per Project - CAD Designer, 2007 - 2007
    • Developed MEP and fire protection drawings for the Ritz Carlton Residences of South Beach, Florida • Ensured CAD documentation complied with company and contract requirements while completing the contract requirements after starting the project significantly behind schedule. Past Project: The Ritz Carlton Residences of South Beach, Florida. • Two modern high rises, the renovation of the historic Seville Hotel, a Spa featuring, Signature five star restaurant, a beachfront amenities complex and more. • Total construction cost of the project was estimated at $400 million dollars.
  • Mohan Engineering Inc.
    Independent Contractor - CAD Designer & Network Admin., 2005 - 2007
    • Developed structural designs and drawings for Sweetbay, Publix, Ferman car dealerships, warehouses, strip malls, hospitals, and restaurants. • Computer and network repairs upgrades and support
  • McCarthy & Associates Inc.
    Independent Contractor - CAD Designer, 2005 - 2006
    • Developed several drawings for large scale projects consisting of schools, hospitals, resorts, warehouses, high rises, and a bridge. • Provided redlines for third parties on various commercial projects
  • Warlick Hall Engineering Inc.
    Independent Contractor - CAD Designer & Network Admin., 2004 - 2005
    • Developed construction and shop drawings for several large commercial projects. • Provided shop drawings and metal stud drawings • Provided steel and concrete details for structural drawings Past Projects: • Ford Amphitheater • Busch Gardens' Sheikra Roller Coaster • Sarasota Herald Building
  • Mark Keiser Architects Inc.
    Independent Contractor- CAD Designer & Network Admin., 2003 - 2004
    • Recovered lost data several times saving the company after hardware manufacturers and a custom builder sent a bad server with a malfunctioning raid controller. (Eventually it was noted that this was a problem with the NVIDIA RAID controller which was one of their first storage controllers supporting NON RAID.) • Specifically requested to recover lost data after contract expired well after departure from company. • Managed and created extensive customizations to CAD • Managed CAD library • Retrieved all company data including all financial records and correspondence from a failed RAID. • Developed an extensive amount of designs and drawings for projects from site visits and conception to permitting. • Coordinated contractors and efforts from other firms on projects • Maintained repaired and upgraded all network hardware in the office. • Maintained ISP logs and service records Past Project: The Renovation of the Historic YMCA Building Saint Petersburg, Florida. • Built in 1927 for $550,000 the YMCA building is four stories with a basement and a fifth-story tower. • Performed site and building surveys for as builts • Provide renovated design documents for the change of occupancy and use of the building
  • Rogers & Sark Consulting Inc.
    Independent Contractor - CAD Designer, 2000 - 2001
    Provide waterproofing details and roofing drawings for schools, resorts, hotels and various other projects using AutoCAD with Bill Rogers and Arthur Sark.
  • Architectural Engineering Resources Inc.
    Independent Contractor (Subcontractor) - Varied, 2000 - 2000
    The types of drawings and the length of the stay in a firm varied upon their client's needs. This opportunity to experience a wide variety of projects and disciplines in a relatively short period of time reinforced my decision to remain an independent contractor through out my career. Unlike being an employee I could experience different disciplines while getting the opportunity to choose projects, companies, and disciplines to work in. Past Projects: • Jurassic Park River Ride Universal Studios Islands of Adventure • Several retail spaces in the Orlando International Airport • Florida Christian Center an assisted living facility in Jacksonville, Florida
  • Commons Medical Development
    Independent Contractor - CAD Manager & Assistant Network Administrator, 1999 - 2000
    • Responsible for many CAD modifications, CAD management, and developing drawings for numerous medical facilities. • Assisting the network administrator in numerous tasks ranging from upgrades and maintenance to repairs.
  • Hyatt Design
    Independent Contractor - CAD Designer, 1999 - 1999
    This was my first experience in a custom home designing firm. I was responsible for many CAD designs and drawings for several high end single family residential dwellings. These homes were through out central Florida and Disney's Celebration. After a few months of working here I came to the conclusion I would rather pursue just commercial projects.
  • Strollo Architects
    Independent Contractor - CAD Management & CAD Designer, 1998 - 1999
    • Customized AutoCAD menus and several software modifications • Performed CAD Management • Developing numerous drawings for several of Eugene Hayes' projects. Many projects included but are not limited to the Orlando International airport parking terminals and several jails.
  • CADD Development
    Independent Contractor per Project - CAD Drafter, 1998 - 1998
    During this temporary job I was responsible for developing as built AutoCAD drawings of the Cape Kennedy Space Center. While I was there I took AutoCAD certification courses and eventually became certified by Autodesk. Most of the other employees were college students hired for the project and not considered employees. The company was bought out by Imaginit Technologies which is now a "RAND Worldwide Company"
  • American Bridge Company
    Independent Contractor per Project - CAD Drafter, 1998 - 1998
    During this temporary job I finished all of the assigned work pertaining to the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle aka EELV project 3 weeks ahead of schedule.
  • Perez Perez Martin Architects
    Independent Contractor - CAD Drafting & Design, 1997 - 1998
    I developed many drawings and documents for Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. • Suess Landing • Port of Entry • Popeye's & Bluto's Bilge Rat Barge
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Food is chinsey so you starve but they try to be sophisticated so people pay more. The food is good but its not that great. After spending $40.00 on just myself, I purchased thier biggest item l, steak and eggs, a bowl of clam chowder and 2 beers I'm still leaving the dinner table hungry. It's not exactly what I call a stellar review.
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The best BBQ place in Virginia. Has corn bread just like Mom's. When you come here get the beef brisket with low fat and North Carolina vinegar. You cant go wrong. The burnt ends and ribs are excellent. Lemonade is fresh from scratch too.
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