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Father, Ph.D., Christ Follower
Father, Ph.D., Christ Follower

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We had a great session with the incomparable Jed Dearybury from right here in SC talking about how to write successful Donors Choose grants, check it out!

EDIT: Solved, read the comments below for the solution if you came across this by searching. :)

Rpi3, LightshowPi working fine.

No WebUI or piFM, or anything other than the plain vanilla install.

I created a playlist as instructions dictate. I created an overrides.cfg to point to it. Great.

When I run the start_music_and_lights command it plays a random song, not in order.

But wait, you're thinking I need to set the randomize playlist command to NO, right? Well, it already is. You see, I never changed the default randomize (which is no) to yes, so it never knew to randomize in the first place, but it does.

I only have three songs in the playlist, and it'll play each one randomly, so I know there's no issue with the file.

I didn't edit defaults.cfg, only overrides.cfg, which I know "took" because it reads the playlist properly. And I checked to make sure no # in front of randomize playlist = no line.

How do I make it play in order?

Thank you!

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Lightshow'ers, I'm going nuts.

I simply cannot make lightshowpi work reliably, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why. Two days ago, it worked flawlessly. Last night, it would not work at all. No changes, none whatsoever.


I can turn the lights to state on by using the proper command. All the lights come on and it works fine.

However, when I start_music_and_lights it goes through its checks and returns me to a command prompt and the lights turn off and stay off. The show never begins.

Yet two days ago the same sequence of events played my entire playlist flawlessly!

Literally nothing changed in two days. I didn't do anything at all to the pi, no changes no upgrades, no nothing.

Furthermore, when I reboot the pi and go straight to start_music_and_lights it goes through its checks and nothing happens. So I stop_music_and_lights and it went through its motions. I then tried start again and nothing.

I'm going nuts. When it works, it's awesome! But I can't make it work reliably enough. I get no errors or anything.

With appreciation for your help,


Hi Lightshowpi'ers,

I feel like I should know this, but I can't figure it out.

I want to set a cron job to turn on the lights (full on, no music or anything) at a certain time, then at a certain time start the music and the lights. 

For example, at 5pm (it gets dark early these days) I want to turn the lights on without any pulsing or music (just all the way on).

Then at 6:30 I want to run the playlist. Currently, the playlist runs perfectly if I use the start_music_and_lights. 

How do I turn all the lights on? Can you help with crontab commands for both? Would it just be

30 18 * * * * exec start_music_and_lights ?

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