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+Colyn Brown as a long time MAMP user, I have yet to have a problem where my MAMP environment conflicted with one of my remote LAMP installations. As of MAMP 2.0, updating MAMP has become much easier, thanks to their installation script (and a big thanks for that, too) Thirdly, regarding Parallels + ubuntu versus MAMP, that's a big footrpint and resource overhead difference. If I were to go down this road, I would think setting up a, say, CentOS sans X11 and any other UI cruft would be the way to go.
I realize this is messy, but I've become quite enamored with the idea of running a complete replica of my production application server, less the scaling and proxy configurations common in production environments. I'm sick of seeing code perform properly on local environments then glitch up for some hinky spec on the production environment. It's much faster and cleaner to test your own code before you deploy it in a staging environment. Many little glitches can be completely avoided.

I'm using Virtual Box images, but I'm a fan of VMware and Parallels too. I prefer VMware images because you can play them on Windows boxes with no licensing cost as well as play them in Virtual Box in almost any environment.

The messiness is the networking configuration to make it accessible on the desktop browser and to other testing tools.
Out of LESS and SASS, I feel more inclined towards LESS. My company is highly likely to use Node.JS more and more, whereas the only thing we use Ruby for is Compass.

I'd rather reduce the number of build dependencies when I can.
What are people's thoughts on keeping compiled CSS out of version control? You wouldn't check in a binary executable, but the fact that compiled CSS is still plain text does put it in a grey area.
+Ron Waldon compiled assets are a deployment step/task and should be on your scm ignore list because they cloud the diffs and makes it harder to review changesets
I'm giving these a whirl but I feel that I've finally mastered CSS and now I've got something new to learn. SIGH. Onwards and upwards though, going to give LESS a try.
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