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Personally I'm not an ad fan but its a necessary evil to get some great free content :)
Note that this isn't "what you can do with ads!", it's just a demo showing how content can be folded together (could be any content).
I understand that. Just saying :)

Thanks again, great article.
Haha I love the "...and I might just have it all wrong" warning.
Liked the explanation, but for some reason the demo didn't work so well in my Canary (Chrome 19.0.1078.0) :'-(
+Joe Savage I don't think it has to be either/or, it should depend on the context and various other factors for what the designer ends up deciding to do w/ the content. Responsive and mobile web design is so new at this stage that it's just good to explore what other options are out there so we don't get stuck in ruts. :)
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