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Hello everyone on G+.  I have to admit I'm not very good on posting in G+, and perhaps it is in part because I don't feel as connected to others on this platform (no, it's not your fault, hehe).  

I find sometimes that the feeds just seem to zoom by so fast, so I often miss images of those that I want to follow, and at the same time I see so many unwanted items.  How do you guys control all of that?  

So if anyone sees this post (I apparently have 24K followers), let me know what your thoughts are.   How do you find G+ as a social media platform and what do you do to connect?  

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+Chris Collacott I've been meaning to snap a photo of your landscapes strewn along some of our double-decker's down here in Seattle. Saw that you are at least 'Credited'. 😎

Get any moolah or a buyout from HelloBC or Community Transit?

#photocredit #commercialphotography #advertising 

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The summer is coming! 

Taken from near the Horizons restaurant, this is a nice and easy access view looking west towards Vancouver. This is a crop of a much larger panoramic image and a shot I have not taken in a long time! The last time I shot this was with the old roof. And the bugs were out in force up there (bring bug spray).

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Finally had a chance to do a test with the Lee "little stopper".  I like the results - what do you think?  

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The EPSON International Pano Awards is now open! 

I've also will be judging the amateur portion this year as well :)

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What will Photography look like in 100 years?

I was recently asked the question:  where do you think photography would be in 100 years?   I have considered what will happen perhaps in the next 5 or 10 – but for the fun of it – what about 50 or 100 years?   It would be obviously impossible to really say what will happen – but I thought I would have some fun with this, and explore some ideas.  

One thing that we can be certain of – as technology continues to progress, we can probably expect to see the continued miniaturization of internal electronic parts, and in the near term – I think we will see the end of the DSLR (many people have already predicted this for a while now).   For while, lenses probably have to remain a certain physical size in order to be able to capture the amount of light required – like those 800mm lenses for bird watching or wildlife shots.

First, let’s consider some of the main features of digital cameras – Megapixels, high ISO ability, dynamic range, shutter speeds and frame rates.  I think these will all go through the roof – so much so, we will think back to these days as “are you kidding me??”.  

Megapixels:  how high can we go?  Well, who knows here, but I bet a lot!  More than we really need, lol, and some may already argue that has already been the case (although I don’t share that) ;). 

High iso:  I think eventually sensors would be able to capture instant shots in near pitch black without any noise at all.  Would we even care about “high ISO”?  At that point I would just want to determine if I wanted a quick exposure or a long exposure (for the effect).   

Dynamic range will be also be insane.  I think in 100 years, we could probably see camera systems capture a sunset photo that will include details of the sun spots as well as the darkest shadows in the rocks – all in one exposure.  Ok, that might look bit weird – but I think the technology could capture it.      

Shutter speeds  and frame rates will be so fast, we could do movies at 1000fps at uber high megapixels.   I guess we will have to have uber fast and TB’s of memory space to capture all of that too.  We will think back to the day where we had “bursts” of 12 per second and think… wow, the age of the turtle!

Ok, those are some of the more boring items that should expect to get better via technical progress.  But what about some other interesting applications of camera systems?  

Portrait photography?  Ok, perhaps holding a camera system of some physical form might still be around – but we can certainly do away with those flash stands and replace them with drones that are programmed to swarm around and give you the perfect angle for each flash.  I think I saw the other day, that already, someone has used a drone to use a flash outdoors.  

Imagine having a small implant into your eye (or contact lens) that becomes your full use camera system.  1000 megapixels and all the items I mentioned above.  Need to zoom in?  No problem, the megapixels are so high – you can do that too.   Aside from just being able to take snapshots in near pitch black, you could probably turn the contact lens into a full virtual lens – so you can see in real time – in near pitch black too.   Want to see the inferred or ultra-violet spectrum? No problem, just click on a switch!   I’m sure the military would like that!  Contact lenses like this could be configured to detect any spectrum of the electromagnetic spectrum, and perhaps even to detect specific elements and molecules.  

So if we can have an amazing camera like that in our eye – why not on a drone?  Or a flock of drones?  I could see one thousand mini-drones all mounted with cameras swarming in an area in a perfect sphere around the “subject” – taking images from all angles then streaming it into a single three dimensional output.  Watch a video on the screen but then be able to use the mouse to view the video from all angles while it is playing.   I’m sure some industries would take advantage of that  ;).  

In a 100 years, I could see nano-technology take some big strides, so why not consider nano-cameras on nano-bots?   The medical industry could use tiny little robots roaming our blood with camera systems ready to detect cancer cells and give us a warning as soon as it is detected.    If you like macro-photography – well what about nano-macro-photography?  Imagine what you can see at that small size! Then we might consider a flock of these nano-bots ;).  

Heck, if you are landscape photographer, you could probably send your drone up to take your shots on top of the mountain instead of going yourself.  Alight, I admit, I still would want to climb that mountain ;).
So there are just a few that I wrote down quickly

 – what do you guys think? Share your ideas :)

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Never enough gear. 

Last night's sunset was just amazing. The clouds lit up throughout the whole sky. Of course, I decided to do a time-lapse and was then unable to actually do my regular panos (mind you I would have probably gone somewhere else as well). If I had another tripod, at least I could do both! Here is a single frame from the time-lapse.

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Happy Earth Day everyone!

For me, it it is not easy to feel like I'm contributing to Earth Day - when I drive my car to a meeting, or eat a lunch that is wrapped in plastic that I must throw away.  But at least you can stop to think of something that you can do as an individual - for example (depending on where you live), drink tap water instead of plastic water bottles.   Every little bit counts.  

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Chris Collacott commented on a post on Blogger.
I thought I would repost this in the main thread (realized it was under another thread):

Hi +Olivier Du Tré .  I usually don’t get involved or chime in when it comes to online rants from individuals, but I feel compelled to in this case.  My forte is not in social media, so I don’t know you or +Lauren Bath   or anyone else participating in this discussion, I’m a social nobody (which I’m ok with).
First of all, I completely get where you are coming from in what you have said in your post and agree and disagree with certain parts.  I'm not here to discuss that part.  Nothing is really new in what you said, and obviously, you are entitled to speak your mind (just as I’m doing right now).   

So putting aside the main focus of your rant, I am curious, why did you single out and name an individual (Lauren) for your complaint?   Did she name you personally or do something to you in the past?  It is quite obvious to me that there is a lot of emotional bitterness targeted directly at her.  

What struck me is that you lashed out at a specific individual and made it personal – that to me is just is simply uncalled for and unprofessional.   Why? The fact is, you could have easily conveyed the same message without naming anyone specific, yet you chose too.  What I find a bit ironic is that you seem quite confident in what you wrote despite what you said in your post “Stay humble, accessible and treat everybody with respect and dignity!”

Honestly, my personal response from reading that post is that it is clear you are quiet upset, and well, just plain mean.  From human to human, I think you owe her an apology.   
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