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Chris Colden

Looking for some help. I have the ikea tradfri app on my oneplus2 running aicp 12 last build that was done. I have an issue where the app crashes. Logcat just says the window activity closed. Nothing else that looks useful. Tried it on my stock samsung j5 and it works and it also works fine on a stock one plus 3t so I'm guessing its something to do with aicp the kernel or opengapps. Any ideas what I can try?

Hi, does anyone have a copy of aicp for oneplus2 from early august. Apparently lineage debased the kernel which caused random lock ups. Want to try reverting to an earlier aicp build to see if it fixes my problems.
Problem is there are only two builds on the download site available still and I know these two had issues for me so I was hoping someone had a build somewhere.

Many thanks

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I'm getting random lock ups where the phone either won't wake or just hangs when I'm doing something. Different apps when it hangs so am unable to pin what it might be. Tried upgrading magisk to beta 3.6 but its still doing it. I was on stable before that. Everything else is stock. I use opengapps. One plus 2 latest N build but this has done it over several releases that I'm aware off.




Not sure if this is normal or not, but I don't think the big cores on a one plus 2 are ever turning on. Seems only little is doing anything.


I have a bug to report. I'm unable to move a quick tile from the section which apps place their own quick tiles into the section which is the active ones. It drags half way up and then stops. The tile is no longer under my finger and you have to start dragging it again. Nothing I have tried has got around this.

Hey, download manager is working fine, but I cannot seem to find the downloads app in the draw. I installed stock opengapps could this be removing it or is it just no longer in the rom. Thanks


I'm trying to get tasker to toggle the "Prevent Accidental Wake" setting.

I'm sure this setting use to be called proximity_on_wake in secure settings, but i'm not able to find it now.

I've even compared settings before and after i toggle it and nothing seems to change.

Anyone have any ideas what this setting is called now?


Hi, recently the trail color is no longer the darker version of the keyboard color. I'd like to know how to make the train the darker shade again. I don't like the trail being a totally different color. I know I can override but I don't want it to be a fixed color, I'd still like it to be themed with the keyboard. Thanks.

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Morning from the UK. I have suspected something was wrong for a while and I now have some battery stats to prove it. I'm running the nightly from 02-06 on bacon. The device drains its battery by never going into a deep sleep. Also the phone gets hot if any type of location is turned on, even battery saving mode.

This use to be fine, so not sure what's changed recently to cause this.

Many thanks.

Hi all, thanks for your efforts with this rom. I posted a while back requesting that the Advanced Location Settings were added to the rom for the Nexus 10. It appeared for a while, but now seems to have been removed again. I've now also since switched over my OnePlus One to AICP as I was very happy with it on my N10.

Is it possible to add the same Advanced Location Settings Switch(Choose Battery saving/Device Only/High Accuracy Directly in Notification Panel) to the AICP rom please.

I used this a lot on lollipop. I think the mod is available on marshmallow.

Many Thanks.
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