Hi all. Been eyeing up a drone since last year. Took the plunge a couple of weeks ago and chose the DJI Mavic Pro.

It's an amazing piece of kit. The portability is what swung it for me. The drone, 3 batteries, remote and cables fit into a small man bag. Smaller in 2 dimensions than an iPad I would say.

The drone itself is alarmingly easy to fly. With a supposed maximum range of 4 miles, and max height of 500m. It would be illegal to put this to the test; but I believe it.

The camera is decent. Probably on a par with a good phone camera. 12mp fixed at f2.2. Captures 4k at 30fps, 1080 at 60, and 720 at 120.

I use a Samsung Tab S2 8" to monitor the real time 720 feed. Alongside the remote you are presented with multitude read outs, settings and options.

Despite how easy it is to fly, there remains a steep learning curve in terms of capturing cinematic footage and editing it into something hallway decent. The editing side of things has resulted in me acquiring a Dell XPS15 kaby lake i7. So it's become an expensive pastime!

It can attract attention, and as someone that likes to avoid interacting with the general public I seek out a little seclusion when taking off. Once it's up high enough you can't easily hear it and to a passer by you could be just playing on your phone at first glance.

So far I've really enjoyed learning about the capturing and production of video. I intend to try and improve my still shot game, inspired by other users that have produced some stunning panorama photography by stitching together multiple shots.

I have included a video captured with the Mavic and edited with Premiere Pro. It shows an afternoon visit to Ditchling Beacon Brighton on the Sussex Downs.
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