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Yet another conservative lie 
Rumor: Circulating photograph set compares school lunches from other countries with paltry American offerings.
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I had the same thoughts 
PaddockTalk News, Rumors, Results, Photos - F1, Formula One, Formula 1, NASCAR, Indy Car, MotoGP, GP2, Rally, NHRA, Le Mans, motorsport, racing, auto
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Evidence points to some startling conclusions about what the historical Jesus was like—if he existed at all.
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I sometimes say "Dan Brown's books take place in real cities and buildings, and he mixes in real history into his story, but that doesn't make the whole book historically accurate" 
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Regenerating the spinal cord is basically impossible at this point 
Cancel your cryogenic head-freezing appointment
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An example of why I've never been to PR
Puerto Rico's police have a long record of shootings, corruption, and impunity. Is that about to change?
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Vadim Trunov's latest series captures squirrels as they search for nuts in a snowy forest outside of Voronezh, Russia.
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Dr. Herbert, 84, was a combat officer who alleged a war-crimes coverup, then sued “60 Minutes” for libel.
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Fair Use Protects Culture From Copyright, Not The Other Way Around
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I stare at computer screens and fling code.  

I'm a fan of Formula 1, World Rally Championship, the United Sportscar Championship, Australian V8 Supercars, and the Indycar Series.

I run/jog a little more than most people.

I'm just getting into photography.  Some pictures come out ok, some don't, but at least I try. :-D

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Survived five years in the Army, Escaped from rural Virginia, completed four 180 mile relay races, participated in Australian style rappelling, went back for my Computer Science degree at the ripe age of 32, was able to see that University of Central Florida wasn't a good CS school, lived on three continents, visited 16 countries and 26 states, and I go to 11
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Building 1 has been renovated, so all the appliances are new and the floor is a decent wood laminate. The people that are complaining about rent going up every year or at the time of contract renewal must not realize that almost every apartment complex does that. you are only locking in a rate for the life of your lease. Of course they are going to charge more as soon as they can. Considering the area, the rent is pretty good. The first real complaint I had about the place was that the heater/air conditioner units were installed by morons. They are extremely drafty and when you are on the 16th floor, the wind howls very loudly. Because of the poor installation job, the thermostat in the units either never heat up above a desired temperature or there is so much cold air coming in, the unit can barely keep up. They have put a lot of insulation in around it, but it is still pretty bad. It eventually took 8 months for them to realize that the caulking around the unit on the outside of the building was almost completely missing due to poor upkeep. After I moved in, people started warning me about motorcycle thefts. A few months later, my bike and two others were stolen out of the "secure" parking lot. The security cameras were conveniently did not cover that part of the parking lot, so there was absolutely no way to figure out who did it. The package office lost two packages of mine valued at over $100. During the holidays, they get really busy, so they are really grumpy. Traffic on U.S. 1 South is a nightmare. The elevators are frequently out of service. Not all of them, but when one out of the three regular elevators are out, you'll be waiting a few extra minutes for a ride. During hurricane Sandy, part of the roof blew off and water leaked all throughout the building. My kitchen and laundry room were covered in mildew in just a few days. A neighbor down the hall had them try to fix her mildew problem at least three times, but it kept coming back in the same spot. They were likely just painting over the mildew. All-in-all, I was glad to finally get out of my lease and put that place behind me.
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Public - 9 months ago
reviewed 9 months ago
Their food is consistently good and the service is great. They occasionally screwed up an order, but I ate there so often, it was bound to happen eventually. When a mix-up did occur, they would go out of there way to resolve it.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Horrible Wi-Fi and barely usable parking. The wi-fi is free, but what good is "free" if you can't really use it. Page loads take minutes sometimes and my signal strength is at least 50%. The spaces for parking were almost the exact width of my Ford Focus! The water is horrible, even for brushing your teeth. You can't blame that on the municipal water because I've tasted the water elsewhere in the city on numerous occasions and it tasted fine.
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
Service and food have always been excellent. Their queso dip is delicious too.
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago
17 reviews
The food is very good here and made to order. There's a lot of self-service here, but I'm not above carrying a tray of food to my table. Some may feel they are too good for that, but we can just ignore them. There's also a bar and a casual atmosphere, so people sometimes like to just hang out which can be inconvenient, but it's not like this is the only restaurant that you might have to wait in. Deal with it or go somewhere else.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Very Good
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
The food is always very tasty and prepared quickly.
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago
Very slow and incompetent UCF students work here. I showed up and there were three people ahead of me in line. It took them 20 minutes for me to get my quesadilla. The chicken is often overcooked or low quality. I've eaten at many other Moe's in the area and out of state and this one is by far the worst.
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago