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Enveloped by the familiar

There's this little French bistro just outside of China Town in San Francisco that has this wonderful European vibe to it, it's hard to point out what exactly makes it feel so European, it might be the uniforms the wait staff wears, the tables and chairs, the colors, counters and tourists speaking in their varied languages - a certain je ne sais quoi so to speak.

But when I do sit down there for a sandwich and a coffee, this warm blanket of familiarity sets over me .. sigh .. A little Europe in the American day, and life's good
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bonito lugar para tomar un café en buena compañia ¿domde es?
Nice feel to this photo +Chris Chabot , and a nice feel to the place.  Doesn't even look like you've shot this in SF, unless one knows the place, or reads your story.  On the photo-geek side, I really like that the outside of the bistro is properly exposed, as well as the inside.  I think that really draws in the eye. 
Love this shot, great job with the lighting, feels so comfortable :)
Great shot, +Chris Chabot! We love Café de la Presse - everything about it feels like Paris.
there's one in South Park too...just near Jeremy's...forget the name, but same kind of thing. Once you've had that experience, it's hard not to miss it...even if you're American! 
Looks lovely. Sadly here in Paris, many establishments are renovating and removing the charm of places such as this, favouring instead the look of modern, simplistic tones. I hope they stop before it is too late and the charm of Paris stays like it is in this SF photo.
I think San Francisco has so much many cafes and lovely buildings that have a flair with a bit of old world's magic!
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