It's been a hard days night

So the time has finally come, for the longest time I've been holding off - I knew that it was unavoidable, I knew some day it had to happen - and yeah, so today was finally that day.

What I mean with that is that for the longest time I knew that Photoshop was an important part of a photographers tool belt, but man it's complicated, not really intuitive (to the untrained eye), and who really wants to invest that much time in a photo when it's just something you do for fun right?

But, well there's more and more things I find I wish I knew how to do and Lightroom just won't be able to do those - so today I finally decided to take the jump and open up Photoshop and some intro sessions on (those are awesome btw +Scott Kelby thanks for creating that) and dove in.

It's both frustrating and fun starting with the basics again - I did all the editing on this file in PS, the contrast, saturation, cropping, adding some fun Gaussian filters on screen and soft light layers to get a glow effect .. man this is going to take some time to get used too - but non the less, excited to have started!
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