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It's been a hard days night

So the time has finally come, for the longest time I've been holding off - I knew that it was unavoidable, I knew some day it had to happen - and yeah, so today was finally that day.

What I mean with that is that for the longest time I knew that Photoshop was an important part of a photographers tool belt, but man it's complicated, not really intuitive (to the untrained eye), and who really wants to invest that much time in a photo when it's just something you do for fun right?

But, well there's more and more things I find I wish I knew how to do and Lightroom just won't be able to do those - so today I finally decided to take the jump and open up Photoshop and some intro sessions on (those are awesome btw +Scott Kelby thanks for creating that) and dove in.

It's both frustrating and fun starting with the basics again - I did all the editing on this file in PS, the contrast, saturation, cropping, adding some fun Gaussian filters on screen and soft light layers to get a glow effect .. man this is going to take some time to get used too - but non the less, excited to have started!
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Photoshop is easier to grasp if you have developed film and printed from it....
I've still got MEGO syndrome with Photoshop.
I too wish I were much faster, and knowledgeable on using Photoshop. Its both fun and frustrating learning, but I feel like its the biggest thing for me to grasp, the composition and "photographers eye" I am less bothered letting it come with practice.
Sounds like I might ask you to run me through the terms you picked up from your dad +Simon Meacham 
Bout time +Chris Chabot and GOOD FOR YOU... you wont be disappointed. NAPP is a great resource to help you along the way... plus the community here.

If you ever need anything just yell. Happy to help !
+Will Eagleton well hopefully the experience I have with photography and processing in Lightroom (and Nik, onOne, etc) will give me a head start there, here's hoping!
there's more and more things I find I wish I knew how to do and Lightroom just won't be able to do those" such as ?

I had an intermediate-advanced level in Photoshop before getting serious about photography (getting a DLSR) and before going the Lightroom way.

In fact, I've learned Photoshop to master high-end retouching techniques (google frequency separation or inverted high-pass to know what I'm talking about).

Now that I have a DLSR and LR4 I never use Photoshop anymore. The only software I think I'm missing is Nik's Silver Effect.

So why do you feel like LR isn't enough ? (HDR and panoramas aside) 

anyway here's a pro tip for you : on a file with layers do ctrl+alt+shift+E and look at what happens. It's very useful.
I have found that in learning new things there is a point of "critical mass" before which it is mostly confusing, and after which the thing seems like a symphony. Press on, I say, +Chris Chabot , +Will Eagleton , +Alessandro Baffa  and everyone else who wants to make art, photography or anything creative.
Chris - when you decide that you want to enhance your images quickly and easily, there is Nik Software. ;-)
Jen L
+Chris Chabot Photoshop has changed so much through the years. I remember sitting in front of it two years ago or so at a print lab feeling lost with the interface... wondering where they moved all the features. I still like to use LR and use Photoshop for extra processing, but have been picking up tips from +creativeLIVE's Photoshop for Photographers online workshop running live for free for the last two days and a final day today. Pretty good tips.
Trust me +Laurie Rubin, I'd be lost without HDR Efex Pro 2, Silver Efex Pro and the occasional Sharpener Pro - they'll never be replaced:)
+Chris Chabot What stuff do you feel that Lightroom is missing that's useful for your photography processing workflow?
Oh if you haven't checked out yet +MaryBeth Farrell you def should - it's got what I think is the best B&W converter, sharpner and HDR processor in the biz (and a few other programs that I personally haven't used yet, but if silver efex pro and hdr efex pro are any indication, will be awesome as well)
+MaryBeth Farrell - Nik Software has plug-ins that work in Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture that are made for photographers to help make enhancing your images quick and easy with fabulous results! You can check us out at for free downloads and training. BTW... +Chris Chabot said it all! Thanks Chris  ;-)
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