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Here's to the next year

Aug 30th marks my birthday, the last year has been an amazing one where I got to work on Google+, travel to lots of fun destinations, and met a whole bunch of people who are now important in my life - it's really been a heck of a good one!

Somehow I suspect the next one will be at least as spectacular though - we're working on lots of exciting features in the Google+ team, some super fun travels have already been booked, and I can't wait to meet more new friends and get to spend this year with you all!

Can't wait already :)
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Daina S
Great capture! :o)
Happy birthday and congratulations on being part of such a great community that is Google+! I hope to meet you on your travels hopefully, one day! Best wishes from New Zealand :) By the way, how come I didn't get the notification to say it was your birthday? Hmm.
happy birthday Chris. I like your posts and photos in my stream. Keep it up !
Happy birthday! Hope you get to enjoy just as much fun the coming year, and that we get to read about it:-)
joyeux anniversaire chris et je vous souhaite beaucoup de réussite  dans votre vie
Happy birthday :) and thanks for sharing great photos, keep up the good work ;)
Happy Birthday! Keep up the good work :-)
My year was definitely enhanced no end by Google+.  It's turned out better than expected, even with high expectations.  Happy BD to you, and may each year be even better than the one before.
Happy Birthday, Chris! May the next and every following of the many, many years you have infront be even better! ;-)
Congrats on another year, and happy birthday Chris
Happy birthday Chris! Have an awesometastic one :-)
Happy Birthday, +Chris Chabot! So glad to have come to call you a friend. I hope you truly have a wonderful day. xo
Happy Birthday +Chris Chabot!

Let's where Google+ is going but the next year will be for sure great! 
Best Wishes for an amazing day and the following year to come...
Happy Birthday you sweet thang! I hope you have an absolutely fantastic day, +Chris Chabot. I wish I could be there to spend an evening laughing so hard it hurts.
I lived in the Provo area for a few years and never went to the Festival. :\
You can never tell a friend often enough
¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪
Happy birthday, +Chris Chabot! Looks like you're well on your way to making the next one even better than the last.
+Chris Chabot  I haven't had the chance to meet you yet, but I'm so glad we share an August Birthday! I hope to convince you to come down to San Diego and visit for a photo walk. Maybe I can arrange one on one of the Tall Ships or something. Happy Birthday, and have a FANTASTIC day! 
Happiest birthday to you +Chris Chabot! Hope to see you again in the future, whether it be another photowalk or other circumstances!
Happy Birthday +Chris Chabot and keep up the good work... But not today! Take it easy today as you deserve it.
Hey Chris Happy Birthday to you too (Mine's Saturday :-) )
A lex
Feliz cumpleaños.!! muy buena la imagen como la haces?
Happy Birthday my friend!!  The Googleverse is lucky to have you.  Looking forward to more adventures together.
Happy Birthday Chris!!!
Wish you all the best for the new year of your life! Be happy :) And thanks a lot for everything you're doing to make OUR Google+ community even more awesome! Always looking forward to meet you again somewhere one day.
Warmest greetings from Germany :)
Thanks everyone!! I'd write individual replies, but then I think it would take my entire birthday to do so and there's other things to do :)

But I'll tell you this, I feel very lucky to be able to call so many of you friend, and all your wishes make this day even more special for me - so thank you all for that!
Happy Birthday!!! +Chris Chabot You never know what new year may bring so be opptimistic !
Wes Lum
Happy birthday Chris!
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