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We release new features on Google+ almost on a daily basis, some of them are huge and you'd read about them in your local news paper like our integration of Local in Google+, some of them you'll see in your stream posted by your favorite Googler like the recent Eject button in Hangouts on Air

And many other little features, they just kind of appear without anyone really making a lot of noise about them, but when you add all of them up it makes for a constantly improving Google+ experience for us all.

I've attached a screenshot of my favorite small feature that's been added recently - when you click on 'Photo Details' to expand it in the desktop photo viewer, it now includes the amount of views for that image in it! (See the Views: 131557 in the screenshot below).

It's the little things in life that make a big difference right :)
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Yay!  that will be encouraging.
There does need to be one single place to go look up only new G+ features. Otherwise, you guys are doing a great job!
Your screenshot is already over 2000 views. He he. ;-P
That's a nice feature. It's always interesting to know which images are the most viewed, especially when the +1's and comments don't necessarily reflect that. 
Very cool. What constitues "a view"? Is it just when it appears in someone's feed or is it when they actually click on the image and it appears in the lightbox?
I just noticed that myself!  Nice Job G+ !
That is a nice little improvement. Thank you for pointing it out.
+Chris Chabot nice feature!
Feature request: would it be possible to make showing 'image details' a global configuration setting (i'm really interested in the settings and would like to have it always shown)? It takes a long time to get the image details displayed even after image is already thers e.g if there are a lot of comments.
Thanks +Trey Ratcliff lol I believe it was he who has advocated as a tip to others that that info was available in Picasa. But good work Google + team for putting it where it belongs.
roma g
sweet! but what IS a view?
Now all I want is a little app that mines that info for all the pics I've posted and ranks them for me so I can view my pics in "most popular" order. 
yeah - very cool, but I'd like to know what counts as a view too - do people have to click through to the lightbox view?
ok I might have answered my own question, sort of.  I photo I just posted a minute ago already has 824 views.  I'm assuming those aren't all lightbox views.
That's something we've been hoping for, so thanks guys!
Nice. Now we don't have to got to picasa to see the views.
+ec lundburgh sRGB is kind of the standard for the web - not all web browsers and OS's support other color spaces, so posting images on the web using other color profiles isn't really advisable
+Chris Chabot I would like to second +Jacob Lucas's & +roma g's  question; what constitutes a view? Is it just when it appear in somebody's feed or when they actually click on the picture? Most of my pictures starts out awfully fast around 500-800 which made me think initially that it included the feed in the count
I noticed this yesterday I think?

I was just looking at one of my photos, wishing I could upload my own  edited copy (rather than supplied edit tools). Just a thought.  Of course, there could be some abuse of this as an added feature, but it might be worth adding to the request bucket?
Nice - I've been waiting for this feature.  Slowly catching up to Flickr...
thanks for the views number. I Had to go to picasaweb every time I wanted to see that number. thanks
+Chris Chabot  Cool feature to have the view count now in g+, Vanity URL:When are they rolling it out to mortals like me?
i thought Vanity URL was a released feature but not GA, anyway, I will keep waiting, haha
what about making Goolge + themes? like skin and color palettes?
Sean S
Great feature but the view count is not accurate.  It counts my view too even if I view the photo in my own album.  
Thanks for answering the question about views, and it's great to have that info handy.  I recently posted an image that has very different numbers of plus 1s on the post vs. in the album; usually the album view seems to show me the same number of plusses as on the post.  I only posted the image once, through the same routine I always use.  I just checked, and the number of views was very similar (really the same allowing for a few seconds difference in when I checked).  So why are the plusses unconnected?
It would be more convenient to have this photo details panel above or next to the comments, instead of having to scroll down past all the comments or shrinking them to get to it.
A nice feature, yes, +Chris Chabot but when will Google get the all-important basics of photos right? When will it fix that bug in upload rendering that overlays vast numbers of photos or parts of photos with a pixellated grid?

I would far rather have that right, so that when I upload a photo it will not be ruined, or have to look at zillions of ruined ones from other people, than know how many times people looked at them.
+Nobilangelo Ceramalus I'm not entirely sure what issue you're referring too - I've never experienced such a thing my self (and as you know I upload a lot of photos, being quite the photography enthusiast), and I know a lot of people who do the same - and I haven't heard reports of such an experience before.

Could you perhaps link to a couple of examples of such images and give me some more details on when that seems to happen ?
Sean S
+Chris Chabot , do you work on Google+ Photos?  There is a bug where you cannot caption photos if they were edited with Photoshop before being uploaded to Google+ Photos.  Specifically, I use Photoshop Elements 7. Not sure if using other versions of Photoshop causes the issue.  Captions work if I don't use Photoshop.
They can be captioned using Picasa Web though, which is better because I can caption all photos on one page than one photo at a time, which is a feature I hope Google+ Photos will have some time in the future.
+Sean S I don't, while I do work in Google+, I manage the Developer Relations team here.

The best way to get that report to the photos team would be to click the wrench menu on the top right (in the desktop version of plus) and selecting 'Send feedback' - thanks!
+Chris Chabot  +Sean S This is one thing I meant by my comment before. It seems to support IPTC core only, but not XMP. +Sean S It is the same e.g. with PS CS5. It seems to be about XMP dc:description ...
On the other hand, I was never sure, if we needed XMP at all (just because IPTC council became lazy ;) )
+Chris Chabot so in essence you are saying the number of times the photo is displayed is what is included in the view count... in PPC/Adwords terminology we are talking about IMPRESSIONS not clic-thru views (no action needed to 'see' the image = an impression). Right?
Sean S
How are views being counted?  I uploaded photos to an album and clicked on a photo once within seconds of sharing it publicly and one photo already had 8 views and another had 5 views.  Its counting views even though no one has viewed the photos.
I hope you add this feature to the IPAD version, very soon!!!
+Chris Chabot, I've been looking at some of my view numbers in my most recent album since I saw this, and I'm wondering if there's a way to trace anomalies.  Some of my most recent posts have a couple of thousand views; some of the more successful ones from several days ago might have 15,000 to 20,000.  One of them, the most popular, says it has just under 2.7 MILLION views.  I'm wondering if there's a way to verify (or falsify) that, and to find out how or where it was shown.  I should add that "view ripples" doesn't show anything on that scale.
+Kurt Harvey gave me the answer: the photo appeared on a Picasa "Featured Photos" page.
Sorry to bug you +Chris Chabot but I've been trying to figure out why my picture views just show a hyphen instead of a number (they used to show numbers). Is there a setting that disables/enables this?
+Chris Chabot I've been watching the views on my photo from Picasa, and sometime in the past few days they dropped by approximately 10 million, from about 17 million to about 7 million.  Has anything changed that would cause the numbers to be presented differently?
Does this include views outside of G+?  For example, if the photo is found in Google or other Search results?  Or if the photo is added to Panoramio/Google Earth?  
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