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Festival of Colors

Today the #jarviewalk was at the #festivalofcolors in Utah, anyone who's been following my stream knows that I may have been completely covered by colors and my camera had never looked quite as colorful in it's short life as well - though fortunately the combination of weather sealing and duct tape held up really well and it's looking brand new again.

The festival was amazing, and I can't thank +Scott Jarvie enough for inviting us and providing us with a truck filled with compressed air, food, drinks, battery to charge our stuff on and everything else - this guy went way, way above and beyond to make this an amazing event for us - and that it certainly was - so colorful, such good vibes everywhere and so much fun! Was the most fun I've had in a while!

I took over 3000 photos today so I'll have to wait to get home before I can offload them all (my laptop doesn't have enough space for the 128gb of photos I took today) but I did want to share a little preview with you so you understand why it was very much worth it to come out here and get a little dirty.

What an amazing day that was.
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Great shot before all of the colors blended together.
Excellent job. And nice meeting you too!
Flying out again back to San Francisco tomorrow morning +Mike Corbett, work to catch up on (and lots of photos to process!)
Utah is completely filled with awesome. Anyone who says otherwise has never been there :)
I have more coming +Michael Earley, I purposely didn't post my best photo yet since that deserves to be processed on my big computer at home.
This is so good I can't wait to see what else you got. Glad you had a great time.
That looks amazing
It is +Michael Earley, it's the krisna holi festival aka the festival of colors in these parts - super amazing atmosphere that is so friendly and welcoming (to people of all or lack or religions), overwelming positive vibe, everyone so friendly and having a great time - and boy is it photogenic as well!

It's the first time ever that I filled 2x 64gb cards and went through two batteries in a single day - it was that awesome to photograph.
So much for falling asleep at the back of the car? Processed it during the ride?
Nah just a quick 5 min processing job back in the hotel +Ivan Makarov (where I arrived 10 minutes ago, I was that excited to post at least one capture!)

Now, off to the showers and trying to get all of this color out of my ears :)
haha, you're quick! Beautiful photo of a great day.
Wow +Olav Folland that's I think the bigest compliment I ever got on a photo - I'd better call time mag and see if they agree! :)
+Chris Chabot same here - just caught up with some emails, and off to destroy a half of bottle of soap
+Chris Chabot - do you know if the festival in Utah is a copy of the Holi festival in India, the same festival as India, or if India copied Utah? An Indian told me that whilst Holi is an old festival, the throwing of paint in India is a fairly recent phenomenon.
I don't actually know +Jamie Furlong. interesting question - maybe someone else on this thread has an idea?

ps for the record, who ever thought of it - it was a brilliant idea
Thank god you had the foresight to bullet-proof your 5D!
+Jamie Furlong It is an Indian festival. There is a Krishna temple in Spanish Fork Utah that puts on the festival (as well as multiple other Indian celebrations throughout the year). It started as a small celebration with just the members of the Krishna community but then the college students found out about it and it exploded into a huge celebration.
I've seen so many pictures from this...and am completely jealous I couldn't attend. But this one is a stunner. Probably my favorite so far. I just love the view, and how the other participants are viewing the same thing. Very nice +Chris Chabot!
its a festival of india
its so much fun here
incredible india
really looks colourful
seems like u and ur cam had a great time
hope the fumes not as dangerous as it looks.
Zen Red
wow some colourful magic indeed
wow nyc click, this festival resembles to the festival that we have out here in Nepal and India known as Holi.
It looks amazing! Can't wait for the rest.
great shot! makes me want to experience the festival myself...
because of the festival of colors i got fever ,a sour throat ,dried lips because of which every1 in my class was teasing me
Opio O_o that's do pretty I wish I was there
hey thats Spanish Fork!! love Utah!!
WOW!!! Beautiful Colors..
holi......our indian festival..
Beautiful Shot! Holi Festival is Amazing .
Thanks for capturing holi 2012.
very beautiful color
Vert nice....and beautiful colors.
wt a nice image, i really like it
Holi has many legends behind it. But, yup, it's also a celebration of a scene from the childhood of Krishna, an avatar of the Hindu God Vishnu.

It is said that when Krishna was a young boy, he asked the reason for his dark color while Radha ( a girl who was his friend) was so fair. His mother Yashoda playfully suggested that he should smear color on Radha's face too and change her complexion to any color he wanted. Captivated by the idea, Krishna proceeded to do so and thus, introduced the play of colors on Holi.

There's another legend. Prahlad, the son of a demon king was a devotee of Vishnu. Enraged by that, his father makes many attempts to kill him.

The one related to Holi, is when his aunt (who has a shawl that protects her from fire) sits on a fire with him. But, Vishnu notices, and makes the aunt burn, while Prahlad is unhurt.

The aunt's name was Holika.

So, the night before Holi (when you play with colours), a bonfire is lit and the victory of good over evil (a recurring theme in Hindu mythology) is celebrated.

its looks like a very colourful day
people are celebrating Holi now??????
This is why i like my contry GREAT INDIA!!!!i love it
I love this shot. It's really cool with all the arms.
Wow!! Reminds me of the Holi celebrations in India.
Great photo, captured in the moment, jubilation of people and color. Wow Factor!
it looks like an indian festival HOLI, a festival of colour.
its maybe holi in the state of u.p india the 2 amazing festivals of india are holi and diwali
Really an interesting photo...the colors extraordinary. Thanks for sharing photos.
wo great and amazing festival i too wanna play it
So much fun I wana go
I don't know how to think 
That's beautiful! I wish I could've been there! :D
its pretty i want to do that but i hope dust dont go in my eye
The bigest festival of India, i love it
That's awesome. One of my biggest dreams is to attend the holi festival in India. But I think it's great that Utah has a place to celebrate like this!
i rly like dis fest. Nd dis is d speciality of india
Nothing to beat HOLI - the festival of colours in India
belated holi wishes guys !.. the festival of colour.. HOLI !
Reminds me of holi festival in India . It was lot of fun. I miss it
Neha Pd
Its Holi in India! :D
wow omg sooooo cool best one iv seen all day where did u get it :)
wow wht a colorful festival like we r celebrating in india 'holi'
+Chris Chabot +Michael Earley if you're interested Holi (#festivalofcolors) is also celebrated at Stanford every year. Awesome atmosphere and proceeds from ticket sales go to charity. Visit for more details.
Seems like the Stanford celebration is April 7 & 8? That's perfect, I'll check it out for sure since I got a real taste for it with this one :)
Wow +Chris Chabot, this is a stunning image. Really fantastic. Wish I could have come with you guys!
I knew your picture was going to be one of the best ones as soon as I saw it on your camera +Chris Chabot, well done
You would not want to have any lung problems at this party.
спасибо большое!
очень интересно
This shot is absolutely fantastico!!! I love how you can see all the poofs ofcolor, and where its starting to blend. The people really complete this image with just pure joy and excitement. I love the purple hands. And the hand with the yellow and green and purple finger tips. Plus viewing the image through 3 different camera's in front of you is awesome too. Small that they are it's still neat. Great job!!!
Hey Chris, looking forward to more snaps from your collection. This is beautiful :-)
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