Festival of Colors

Today the #jarviewalk was at the #festivalofcolors in Utah, anyone who's been following my stream knows that I may have been completely covered by colors and my camera had never looked quite as colorful in it's short life as well - though fortunately the combination of weather sealing and duct tape held up really well and it's looking brand new again.

The festival was amazing, and I can't thank +Scott Jarvie enough for inviting us and providing us with a truck filled with compressed air, food, drinks, battery to charge our stuff on and everything else - this guy went way, way above and beyond to make this an amazing event for us - and that it certainly was - so colorful, such good vibes everywhere and so much fun! Was the most fun I've had in a while!

I took over 3000 photos today so I'll have to wait to get home before I can offload them all (my laptop doesn't have enough space for the 128gb of photos I took today) but I did want to share a little preview with you so you understand why it was very much worth it to come out here and get a little dirty.

What an amazing day that was.
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