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Such great heights

#panopoker  : Night Shots - The happy memories, happy accidents and the unexpected make this one of my favorite recent night shots.
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Love this shot! Super cold and windy evening made for some epic memories.
heh it really was a complete happy accident +Mehrzad Karami - I was trying to take a photo of San Francisco from a hill at night - and as I pressed the shutter the super windy evening pushed my arm around leading to this.

Haven't been able to reproduce it yet - guess it really does take a happy accident :)
It looks like thousands of jelly fish!!
I wish I had accidents that turned out that awesome.
Reminded me of Bob Ross. :)
"There are no mistakes, just happy accidents."
Nice one.
Very nice. Looks like a beautiful waterfall of light!
Love your waterfall of lights! I'm still shivering from that night +Chris Chabot LOL. Glad something good came of it for you!
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