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What happens at Drink and Click stays in..

Well actually scratch that - what happens in front of 30 photographers is likely to get widely published right? I think that's what makes these Drink & Click events so much fun!

It was the first time at one of these events for me, but it was so much fun that I know it certainly wasn't the last! We had quite the turn out and I had lots of fun talking, drinking and clicking with old and new friends at the event, what a wonderful time!

In this shot you see +Michael Bonocore, the hero of the day who organizes the #DrinkAndClickSF, joining a protest that we happened on as we were walking between locations.
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Nice shot, +Chris Chabot. I've been quite enjoying the Drink and Clicks here in Austin, and I'm glad to hear they're taking off in other cities, too.
Looks like a Thai protest. That's Thaksin Shinawatra, Thailand's ousted prime minister, on the poster.
It was a lot of fun tonight! I guess we will call the next one, "Drinks and Click and Protests"
Thaksin Shinawatra was Ex-Thailand Prime minister and blame from some of Thai people to involve with corruption in Thailand

Thailand Court judged him to jail for 2 years but he escape from Thailand since  5 years ago. And now still have  many lawsuits in Thailand Court which him is accused and wait to catch him back.

Now his status is Contumax

Now Some of country not allow him to visit their country but some of country still allow because he will go with Montenegro's Passport not Thailand's Passport.

He is starting point Thai Peoples contradict about Politic in Thailand as we call "Red Shirt" and "Yellow Shirt"

Last Years his Political Party was win in Thailand Election but most of people aware him to use this win to cancel all of his Lawsuits.
I've read News on Thailand News Online Website. This situation (Protest) happen because Thaksin was in USA now but his status in Thailand is "Contumax" , so some of Thai people cannot agree in this and want to know why The Ministry of Foreign Affairs USA and Thailand did not do anything with him.
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