We use and enjoy Google+ a lot internally here at Google, so I'm really happy that we've launched a number of features that make Google+ more useful for your business as well.

Oh and total bonus points for the Flight of the Conchords reference, my favorite song of them as well!
It’s Business Time*

"Coworkers" is one of my most important circles: we create things together, succeed and fail together, and generally spend lots of time together.

Google+ is a key part of our daily routine (and not just 'cause we're busy building it). We hold meetings in hangouts, plan offsites with events, and share updates in the stream -- all of which helps us work better (and play harder).

We think every organization can benefit from these kinds of tools, so today we're previewing some features for Google Apps customers! These include:

- Restricting posts and hangouts to your domain
- Scheduling and joining video calls from Calendar
- Setting company-wide defaults from the Admin Console
- Starting multi-way video calls from Gmail
- Editing docs live inside a hangout

Google+ has really helped our team get to know each other, get things done, and have some fun. So we’re excited to help other companies and employees do the same. #googleplusupdate

*It’s Wednesday, after all :-) Flight of the Conchords- Business Time

You can find more details on our enterprise blog:
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