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Left Behind

Salton Sea, California
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I'd never, ever ever do HDR!

Oh wait, yeah it is
Does the stove work? Cause if it doesn't I'm not taking this cottage.

Wild photo, btw.
You and +Barry Blanchard need to formalize your act... :)

It is difficult to create cohesion from seeming randomness, but you achieved it here and all the elements seem to coalesce into a desconstructive pattern that follow a flow and bring the focus back to the house that was. Fascinating.
You mean in our last road trip, or where this photo was taken +Shannon S. Myers ? In this case it was Salton Sea in California
Salton Sea.... is where we are thinking of going... I have read that Bombay Beach is a good place. I have never been there. Any other ideas? thanks!!
We didn't spend more then an hour or two there so I can't really comment to much on the rest of the area, but these shots were at Bombay Beach, so that's a fun area to hit for sure
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