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Hey there. 
I know you're wondering why I brought you all here. 
Well, y'see, there's some business going down 'round these parts I think you all need to know about. 

Group of bad men callin' themselves The Crimson Hand seem to be making their way into our peaceful little burg. We don't take too kindly to intrusion, 'specially the violent kind. 

Some of our crew is more predisposed to using a fist over a word but that ain't what we're here to talk about. There'll be trials to come for crimes that been committed. 

For now, though, we need to know if we can count you in. 

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Well, last session went some places, eh? 
This one may also do that. 
There's gonna be a trial. I'm still working out how that will go. 
ALSO, let's figure out some stuff for the three of you who aren't going to be actively on trial to do. Wanna be witnesses? We can do that. 

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I don't even remember what happened last time. It's been a while!
I need to review my notes. SOmething something felix, something something wendigo, something something town. 

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Video of our latest session is available now!

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Just a reminder about this absolutely hilarious podcast to which you should be listening:

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Ok THIS is episode 35

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Episode 35: RAW CUT

Hey folks!

We are currently working on looking for ways to bring more traffic to our podcast. Do you have any methods that have worked well for you in the past? Sadly, we don't really have much money to be spending on advertising so we are having to resort to other methods. 
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