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Crazy timelapse.

Wembley Stadium timelapse
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Chris Byrd

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How much water do you waste each day? 
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The Earth is effectively a closed system and the total amount water it contains is essentially constant. There is virtually as much water on the earth today as there was 10 million years ago.

Water exists in different forms like solid (ice), liquid and vapor, but the global volume remains virtually the same. Only rarely does nominal amounts of water enter the atmosphere, but nothing measurable really.

When it is rendered incapable of returning to the earth, its "life-cycle" can slow - like when it's trapped in sealed containers (ie. water bottles buried in landfills that still contain water) - but it will eventually return to the earth, not disappear.

What is the purpose of this infographic? Comparing the amount of water 'used' in one country versus another, without including what the water is being used for, doesn't suggest anything beyond the differences in volume.
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For those that missed it, Charlie Strong introductory press conference.  Guy is like the opposite of Mack Brown, feel real good about the hire.  I just hope they let the guy coach football and leave the fluff for Patterson or someone else. #Longhorns   #Hookem   #Texas   #Horns  
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Strong is a good coach and person.  I am Kentucky fan, but most of respected Strong as a coach.  Not great with media, sometimes a little to conservative with the offense.
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Chris Byrd

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A clever kitchen hack just in case you get the last bowlful of cereal in the box tomorrow morning. Advance tip: Avoid soggy cereal:

Photo: Imgur
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Worst part for me.. soggy bits of yuck.
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Chris Byrd

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We're donating ten years of free high-speed Gigabit Internet to 100 community organizations throughout Austin. Read today's blog post to learn more:
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Chris Byrd

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Great information on the new profile views on G+ accounts.
Several people have been asking me about the new "view count" number which shows up on your profile, and I've been answering on a bunch of threads, so let me give you the key answers in one place.

What does this number count? This is total views on your profile, your posts, your photos, and your videos. 

What constitutes a "view?" For your profile, when someone goes to view your profile page. For other things, it's when they look at it -- e.g., when one of your posts shows up on someone's screen. (That's because this is how most people read posts: showing up in a stream, without clicking on it explicitly) Looking at your hovercard doesn't count.

Is this related to +1's, reshares, etc.? Only in that someone who +1'ed your post also probably saw it. You can already see counts for those on individual posts, etc., and before today you could see view counts for each photo if you looked carefully at the one-up view -- now you can see that for everything.

If someone reshares my post, does that count? Yes, since a viewer is seeing your content. Ditto if someone sees your post through an "Alice +1'ed this," through a post embedded on a page, or any other way that someone encounters it.

I don't want to show this on my profile! You can hide this by going to your settings page. Go to and look for "Show how many times your profile and content have been viewed."

This seems strange: Some people seem to have a lot more views relative to their number of followers than others. Is something broken? Not at all. Some people have a lot of followers but don't engage with them well, while other people engage amazingly with a smaller group. 

I want to find out more. Check out the Help Center article at .
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Too Funny.. Star Wars ATAT Attacks Olympics. #Sochi2014   #Olympics2014
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I love this!
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Chris Byrd

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I like this plan.
#ParentingTips  This is really great parenting tip that cracked me up. Hmmm.. who will implement it? Thanks +Diana Morgan for sharing this picture. :)   #ParentingAdvice     #ParentingTeens    #ns
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I need this for my stepson.
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Chris Byrd

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Nod.. your head
The only Christmas song you'll ever need.

Have a good one, everybody.
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Chris Byrd

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Merry Christmas We Love BBQ Community!

May everyone have a safe and Merry Christmas this holiday season, and may you continue to share and enjoy the love of BBQ within this community.

As we close out this year, I'd like to take time and get feedback from the community.. what would you like to see more of withing this group for 2014?  

-More hangouts?
-Perhaps some contests and/or random prize giveaways?
-Different categories?

If you have suggestions, please comment and suggest below.

Thank you one and all for the support in growing this BBQ community!
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+Chris Byrd , I know that +BBQ ISLAND has sold raffle tickets online before. Maybe I can get them to partner with us. And, maybe we could do a live drawing in a Hangout On Air. There are lots of great people, and businesses that are part of the community, we are sure to get some fantastic donations.
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