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Quick - name your favorite Android-friendly manufacturer so far in 2013: go!
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That looks like the Yotaphone to me - a bit of tweaking in design I'd say but it's an interesting premise.
I feel like LG should get an award for Most Improved Player.
So far, another Samsung vote. I fracking love my Note II.
But I'll be taking a look at the HTC DNA, the Sony Xp Z, the LG stuff is nice build qual (bad laggy software), and if I can get my hands on one, the Asus Padphone for fun?
+Shawn Suther I've got the original Note - but rooted, running a Note II ROM.  TouchWiz in it's latest incarnation is a good layer on top of JellyBean, don't you think?
+Paul Moody not sure yet. ;-)
I ran my E4GT into the ground, ran every rom available for it, didn't run stock for half a year.
Now I'm stock (rooted), and noticing a few limitations that annoy. Like when I want to attach to an sms, but Only lets me use the stock cam app? I use vignette almost exclusively for pics, so having to close msging to open vig to take pic to close vig to open msging to attach pic.... eh.
Otherwise? Pretty pleased with TW these days! Almost seamless and actually "just as usable" as aosp...
Samsung was awesome this year.
sent from LG Nexus 4
My other half loves Sony handsets - I'm not so keen as I've had the impression that support for older handsets ends sooner than it does for many manufacturers.
I'd never actually use the Yotafone, seems like more of a concept to me
+Paul Moody my biggest concern with Sony is their lack of execution and commitment to follow through. They've allowed others like Samaung to surpass them in the Android space. 
HTC want to work hard to turn their fortunes around this year for the same reason...
Sony is killing it. Well could kill it. After the Xperia S I could see Sony's potential sans Ericsson. I think they are going to be really aggressive this year. I'm really interested in the ZL. Also Moto by direction of Google can now bring some of the things that Verizon has been holding hostage to GSM phones like RAZR Maxx batteries. 
Hey I took that picture.. and yup, pretty sure this one goes to Samsung. Although I'm liking what LG's trying to do lately.
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