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UPDATE: this thread is so full of comments that Google+ will no longer allow more, thusly we need a new post, and here it is - you don't need to re-enter, but if you've not entered before, you'll have to enter here:

Android Community Tabletpalooza giveaway starts now!

To enter, you must:

1 ) Add +Chris Burns (that's me, and +Cory Gunther (at to your Circle(s) on Google+

2 ) Comment in this Android Community Tabletpalooza Week 3 thread with a comment tagging +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther : this count as your entry , and NOTE that you may only enter this giveaway ONCE - all additional entries beyond your first will be deleted.

3 ) You are now entered into the Android Community Tabletpalooza Week 3 contest for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 !

4 ) Contest open to US and UK residence only (apologies to everyone else)

5 ) Winners announced at the end of the month . Many thanks to our friends at NVIDIA for sponsoring this amazing giveaway!

NOTE: the SlashGear side of this contest is in a completely SEPARATE POST which can be found at this URL: you must enter there as well if you want a chance at the other tablet up for giveaway.
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It's okay, Canada still loves you, +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther... :(
Keep em coming! Contests for all!
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther I don't live in either UK or US but my mom is in Chicago... Is that enough for me to win one & later I can get it from my mom.. Thanks NVIDIA & Android Community.
NIce... I relish the thought of having an android tab. I am broke and cannot afford one. It's sad when you covet the $130 terrible android tablet from expansys-usa. Thanks for the chance +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther !
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther I would love a chance to have a tablet. I got a crappy netbook and started carrying it around because my phone screen is too small for a lot of things that I need to do and a tablet would be perfect for me. I hope I win! I wish I was a girl so I could offer to have your babies ;)
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther and +Vincent Nguyen
I believe it's my turn to win something on the internet for once :-)
and this would be the ideal prize! Thanks in advance! HAHA!
Good luck to everyone who enters this sweet giveaway!
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther I wanna win! This will propel me into awesomeness! I'm already on my way to becoming a dev so it's only a matter of time (don't hold your breath) before I'll be coding for the android tablets!
I am way overdue to win something. I hope that I am doing this right.
Dear +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther, Galaxy Tab 10.1 = Androidgasm!!! I have SOOOO many uses for that bad boy... and I'd love to make all of my iPad toting friends jealous with such a sexy piece of hardware.
Android Community FTW!!
I got my wife an ipad (cause that's all there was a year and a half ago) and I'm tired of hearing about how great it is. You gotta help me out, +Cory Gunther and +Chris Burns. I'm an Android guy.
May as well try out for the competition even though I am in Australia :)
Thanks +Chris Burns +Cory Gunther in case you guys are trying to "Reach out" to your Australian followers! ;)
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther This is my B-Day month so I'm feeling lucky about winning a sweet Galaxy Tab :)
I could really use a Galaxy Tab 10.1 when I go to college this semester. It'll be a fun tool to tinker with. <<Computer Science major
Thanks for the chance +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther!
Ok Guys Good Lock for everyone and thanks to +Chris Burns +Cory Gunther for the getaway!
Why don't the tagged names get underlined? I'm posting from the Android g+ app.
+Conrad Venn You have to have the person that you are tagging in your gmail contacts for it to work via the app... lame, right???
+Cory Gunther +Chris Burns Would be pretty awesome to win one of these, here is to hoping!
John B
+chris burns +cory gunther I hope I win the tab I need it so bad all I have is my Epic 4g since I had to sell my Laptop to pay child support I need something bigger to watch movies and surf and run apps then a lil 4 inch screen so Good Luch everyone
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther my photo portfolio would shine even more in shown with that tablet! :)
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther are awesome for hosting this awesome giveaway!
I know that +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther really want to help me win a Galaxy Pad.... They are such cool guys.
This tablet is mine. No one else need to enter. Right +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther?
Hi hi, +Chris Burns & +Cory Gunther, gimme! Please...
You Guys just wanna give it to me, +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther know why. THx again btw for doing such a great job, I love to read your feed, highlight of my day :) Carry on!
+Chris Burns +Corey Gunther I would love this I am wanting to bring top notch Roms to tablets and est better way to start than with an elite Android tablet. It would be lovely for school notes and projects. 
@Chris Burns and @Cory Gunther, A tablet would make life easier and show all the stupid iPad users at school at Apple isn't the only thing in the world.
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther Android Community has the best reviews and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the current best Tablet on the market and I would love the chance to own this beautiful piece of hardware!
If I win I win but if not nothing lost.
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther, you are GODS!!!! I am pond scum compared to you. But if you can see your way to blessing me with a tablet I will tattoo your likeness across my body! Well maybe that's extreme. A hardy thanks and a handshake will have to do.
Normally I would wait for the Kal El tablets to arrive next month, but +Cory Gunther and +Chris Burns offer me a tegra 2 tablet for free. Thats better than kal el
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther Here is my entry !
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther thanks for the opportunity, love them tablets!
Hey +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther I sure could use a tablet
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther I NEED A TABLET IN MY LIFE...please & thank you :-)
+Cory Gunther and +Chris Burns, Here is another entry for another wonderful prize you guys are giving away. You guys are the awesome for always having the greatest giveaways. Even though I have not one of the many contests I have entered, it is always a great rush trying to get all the steps accomplished and just being in the contest. Thanks again and keep up the awesome worrk.
I want that tablet! +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther I would love to win the week 3 tablet giveaway. As a new Developer, I would love the opportunity to win this tablet and build apps for it. I will also give an awesome extended review of its many features.
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther added to my circles!! :) Galaxy Tab here I come!! yes, my "tagging" skillz are severely lacking... :(
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther Now with cheddar bacon scent.
Sign me up for Tabletpalooza week 3! +Chris Burns & +Cory Gunther
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther I just got a new job and i'll be traveling quite a bit (any people in Boston, Denver, Kansas City, Portland or Milwaukee?) and I would love a tablet. My G2x is great but i'd like something a bit bigger to use on those long plane rides. Pretty please?
I would love to win that Tab from +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther ever since I saw it talked about at Google IO, when I got to play with one the other day in a store, I loved it!
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther and nVidia have dual-core generosity!
Thanks to +Chris Burns & +Cory Gunther for allowing us to enter this contest.
Brian C
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther, that iPad 2 would look dandy on my lap :p
Dear +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther ,
I would love to have a Galaxy Tab because I'm just starting college next month and would love to have the lightest Android tablet available to pack with all my books :)

<3 Thank you
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther.

A long time ago, in a Galaxy (Tab) far, far away...It is a period of OS war. Rebel devices, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Applempire.

During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Applempire's ultimate weapon, the iDeath Star, an armored iOS station with enough power to destroy an entire planet.

Pursued by the Apple Empire's sinister agents, Princess Leiandroid races home aboard her starship, custodian of the stolen plans that can save her people and restore freedom to the Galaxy....
I've so been waiting to get a new Android device, plus my daughter (7) has been begging for a tablet, so what better way to do both of those things with one WIN!!!!!

Thanks +Chris Burns & +Cory Gunther , you guys ROCK!!!!
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther pick me pick me pick me! I will put the Galaxy Tab to good use at make sure it benefits the Android community to the MAX! :) (Note: Just copy and pasting the names in doesn't add them as a mention!)
+Calvin Robinson apologies, just too much tablet goodness to hold back on, all sites must burst forth at once!
I am loving the giveaways you guys are doing! I would love to have any of the tablets you're giving away! And NVIDIA rocks for sponsoring things! Keep it up +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther!
I'd use the Galaxy Tap for work and, I'm sure, my 4 year old will take it over after work! She loves touch screens and doesn't understand why the home computer doesn't work when she touches it's screen....Thanks +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther !!!!
+chris burns +Corey Gunther thanks for this great opportunity
Maybe Android Community can make my wish for my tablet and phone to be from the same vendor come true. ... When you wish upon a +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther ...
I'd love to win! +Chris Burns +Cory Gunther.
Hay all, everyone who's getting in on this contest is going into a special Tabletpalooza circle on my account here - super exclusive shares!
OK, why not? I'd love one, but the only thing I've ever "won" is a parking ticket. :) Maybe knowing +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther will help my luck!
Already had +Chris Burns as a friend that i had been following since i made my Google+ account and now have a new friend to follow who is +Cory Gunther, you guy at +Android Community and! are amazing and if i win this i would use my new Galaxy tab to showcase my photographs from my photography portfolio for when i go off to college and stuff and it would make it sooo much easier to hold, then to have a giant portfolio i already have that's super bulky! please help me out! thanks you guys are the reason why i never get bored at work! +Android Community and is like crack to me!
I really doubt the odds are in my favor but I'll jump in anyway. Come on +Chris Burns. Come on, +Cory Gunther. Restore my faith in these contests you guys have.
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther , please give me a tablet so I can stop agonizing over whether to get a cheaper e-ink device or a full blown tablet. This will resolve the issue nicely and simultaneously provide me with a nice reading and flashcard device.
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther I want the Tablet so hook it up
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther, I want a laptop, but want something light. I want a netbook, but want something powerful and feature-packed. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is light, powerful, and feature-packed, and would be ideal for college note-taking AND for DMing my D&D campaign.
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther , I could really put this bad boy to use! I'd love to have a sexy Honeycomb tablet to show off to my friends and family, who use iPads right now. It'd help me convert those sad iPad user's souls by showing them what they're missing.
+Cory Gunther +Chris Burns Samsung makes the best products that's why I always buy them. Hopefully I win this and my Vibrant, Nexus S and Galaxy Tab 10.1 collection will be complete and I can take over the World!!!! Mwahaha..Mwahahah...
OK so currently decide what tablet to get cause there is too many out there now and new models are being announced like every moth. bit i would like play around with the galaxy tab to see where it stands
YO....+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther....I WANT THAT TABLET! 3rd times the charm maybe?
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther - I need this tablet because every intensive internet user needs one! I use almost every Google service, so Android is the only way to go for me. I'm an Android fanboy from the first ADC up till now, still checking all newly released devices daily. Only problem: I'm a student (Computer Science in Belgium) and can't afford a tablet next to my smartphone :(
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther Thanks guys! Thanks Samsung and Nvidia! Played with the 10.1 at the Galaxy Tab event in NYC. Great piece of hardware. Would love to own one.
fingers cross i win this :) +Cory Gunther +Chris Burns the kids would think i am awesome if i could give them Androidify on a tablet sized screen!
+Cory Gunther +Chris Burns I could really a Gaxaly Tab 10.1 because at my house aluminium uni-bodies lay every, retina displays shine bright and they need to see what a real tablet can do without the training wheels of Steve Jobs.
I'm glad to see AC ditching facebook for a G+ party.
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther I think it's about time for me to enjoy some Android goodness so I can experience Google to its fullest. and boy do I love free stuff!
Hey +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther! I would love to win a tablet! I'm going to be heading off to college in the fall to hopefully become a tech journalist and join your ranks. I don't have a laptop or anything mobile besides my Droid 1, so it would be a great help.
Thanks for the chance!
+Cory Gunther and +Chris Burns, make my military deployments overseas easier with a tablet. It is much easier to bring a tablet instead of my bulky laptop. Thanks and you guys rock!
I post here to enter right +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther?
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther So awesome to just integrate G+ in these contests for an Android tablet. Thanks for the chance to win these tablets!
Sharing encouraged! The tablet AND the post - but remember, only comment on THIS post will count until its full up, then another post will be made with equal chances of being picked.
please need something to play with sold my iphone 4 to pay rent after my daughter was born
+Chris Burns & +Cory Gunther I feel very L-U-C-K-Y!
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther. Now that I've mentioned their names it'll be interesting to see if I still get entered since they haven't accepted me into their circle [of trust] yet so they haven't been linked in. Guess we'll see soon enough.
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther Hope I win!
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther I've had Android Community in my GoogleReader since forever and am now entering a contest for the first time. I'd love to win this coz these tablets are so overpriced in India and to win one would be epic!
Would love to use this thing in my nursing education! Lots of great clinical applications! Apple is yesterday, Android is tomorrow! Thanks! +Chris Burns +Cory Gunther
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther I would love to win the Galaxy Tab to put to great use as my Honeycomb powered student tablet for use in all my classes thanks for the opportunity.
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther No idea if I've entered this one already, but I'd still like to win!
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther since I recently lost my android phone I will have to buy a new one and skip on the tablet, unless I get lucky and win one! Good luck to everyone joining!
Thanks to everyone at Android Community especially +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther and Nvidia for having this contest. Would love to have a new tablet to bring to college this semester. Good Luck to everyone.
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther Help this graduate student save the environment by cutting down less tress. Using this gorgeous tablet I will be able to not only read all my papers and textbooks on the go but will be printing less and less paper, hence making my printer obsolete.
Is it too late +Chris Burns or +Cory Gunther? Wow, it took me forever to figure out that you can't cut and paste names. Anyway, I'll write a nice review of this, if I win
OOooh, +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther I so can use a tablet. It can help me with my school work and just being lazy. Imagine angry birds on a bigger screen! Help me with my dream! Please pick me because I can't afford one yet. :/ gotta repair to fix me car.
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther , i could use a tablet to get through my school work and professional life. i'm going to school for social work and i have a lot of information to keep organized. i'm going to school to be a professional "good person" and i need your help to help others!
+Cory Gunther and +Chris Burns, pro tip: never leave a running laptop on the floor of your ambulance. 
my optimism for winning a tablet is going the way of Android patent litigation against platform partners of late~ but I'm not counting myself out just yet ; ) Thanks for the chance to have fun and potentially write a review along the way! (ref: Week 3 ~ Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Giveaway) +Chris Burns & +Cory Gunther
Sooooooo +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther. I hear these tablets can do magical things, so
send one my way!!
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther. Lucky #2
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther are my new bffs (if i win)
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther , you guys would make my year if you select me. I am stuck home most of the time and could really use this!!
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther I NEED this tablet guys! OK need is a gross overstatement, but I really WANT ONE! Great idea on the contest. PICK ME PICK ME
I will heart +Cory Gunther and +Chris Burns forever if they give me the tablet I have been craving ever so badly but am unable to afford! I am DIEING to have a tablet and try out Honeycomb, and the samsung ones rock!
I don't know why I try; I never win anything. Congratulations to the eventual winner. +Chris Burns +Cory Gunther
iam try to win one of these for my son who just graduation for 8 to 9 grade he really want one but i can not afford to buy on so i entering this contest hopeing to win one for him
this would mean so much to me if i won it for him this is for cory&chris i just adde dto to my friend list lorraine bivens
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