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SlashGear Tabletpalooza Week 3 OFFICIAL OVERFLOW THREAD

As our original Google+ entry thread has been filled to the max number of comments already in only about a day and a half, this overflow thread will act the same as the original, with all of the original rules still in-tact:

To enter, you must:

1 ) Add +Vincent Nguyen (that's me, to your Circle(s) on Google+

2 ) Comment in this SlashGear Tabletpalooza Week 3 OVERFLOW thread with a comment tagging +Vincent Nguyen : this will count as your entry , and NOTE that you may only enter this giveaway ONCE - all additional entries beyond your first will be deleted.

3 ) You are now entered into the SlashGear Tabletpalooza Week 3 contest for the Acer Iconia Tab A500 !

4 ) Contest open to US and UK residence only (apologies to everyone else)

5 ) Winners announced at the end of the month . Many thanks to our friends at NVIDIA for sponsoring this amazing giveaway!
SlashGear Tabletpalooza giveaway starts now! To enter, you must: 1 ) Add <span…
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Considering my trials and tribulations trying to aquire a Transformer today +Vincent Nguyen should definitely send me an Acer!
+Vincent Nguyen I would love to win this tablet! I have been looking into getting one to test Honeycomb apps!

You would make me one happy Androinerd!

PS: Loved the SlashBaby Gear you posted yesterday!
+Vincent Nguyen please hook a bro up
+Vincent Nguyen Its a great giveaway! You guys are always rocking!
+Vincent Nguyen I would really like to twin this tablet. I have been trying all your contests. Oh and how goes the Macbook Air test, have you ported ChromeOS to it yet? :)
+Vincent Nguyen I would totally love to make a review of a tablet and send it'd be so much fun. I've seen a lot of video reviews and if i won i would defiantly make one and submit it.
oh tablet joy,
for a girl or boy
tablets can do most anything
i could even read a dr.Suess book
with a thing-a-ma-ling
so best of luck to you and me
and congrats to who ever the winner be
+Vincent Nguyen Since I'm still using my 10 year old NEC Versa Litepad tablet, this would be a great update.
I love tablets, I'm not lyin', hope I win a tablet from +Vincent Nguyen
would love to win this and use it as my textbooks for school. Thanks to Slashgear ( +Vincent Nguyen ) and NVIDIA for the chance win one.
Apple just made my macbook obsolete today: I think I deserve a new tablet as a consolation prize! Thanks +Vincent Nguyen *...
+Vincent Nguyen I need that Acer Iconia Tab A500. My HTC Desire just got crushed under my dads car, and now I am using an old and horrible Sony Ericsson W508, but I can't buy myself a new phone because I am saving up for a tablet. I would love to get this tablet, so that I can go to the Internet whenever I want, listen to music every day and look at movies on the go. And last, but not least, to read Slashgear whenever I want, 'cause it really is the best website for tech and gadgets out there. It would really make my day!
+Vincent Nguyen I will iron your shirts for a month if i win... but you'll have to pay for the flights... k thx
+Vincent Nguyen Put me down as interested, Thanks for the awesome site and the also awesome chance to win. You rock!
Well +Vincent Nguyen, I've leant my services to assist in getting an official Slashgear truck. Maybe you can throw some tablet love my direction.
+Vincent Nguyen~I will have your children for this thing, and since I cannot actually do that, I will find a woman suitable to your tastes and have her do it for me.
When all else fails in winning a tablet~ try try again..? Such is the kind of persistence we need in this current economic climate~ Thanks again for the chance to have fun and potentially write a review along the way! (ref: Week 3 ~ Acer Iconia Tab A500 Giveaway) +Vincent Nguyen
+Vincent Nguyen Given that Google+ is in a limited, closed beta, it's amazing how many people are commenting.
+Vincent Nguyen I need the tablet to turn me as I seem to be the last person in love with netbooks. Will this be the tablet that does it??
+Vincent Nguyen would you like my shipping address now or wait until you announce me as the winner? Seriously though..please announce me as the winner!!!
+Vincent Nguyen. My kids have to have it.
+Vincent Nguyen tablets are cool, I'd love to win one
+Vincent Nguyen is the man!!!!!!! Times like these in the economy we are in, it's good to have some fun like this! Thanks a lot!
+Vincent Nguyen I will trade you my soul for a tablet. Seriously...I don't think I'm using it anyways, and I could definitely use a tablet!!
+ Vincent Nguyen I need that baby badly SlashGear is the best site out there period. I love you guys keep up the great work. love you unboxing :-).
+Vincent Nguyen : Will this count as my winning a new table from SLASHGEAR!!!
+Vincent Nguyen I don't think I've entered this one so my apologies if I'm entering twice. I'd love to win something though: my girlfriend has already laid claim to a tablet if I win one though so I may not get much of a lookin. Can I win two if possible ;-) ?
I want a nice android device but cant afford one right now and cant wait till I can afford it.just want it so badly I can do anything for it.
Leo K
<~~~~~winner right here and thanks in advance mate!
+Vincent Nguyen So i would post it here or the other one..
+Vincent Nguyen oh how I miss Android... had it running on my HD2 until it got stolen, insurance upgraded me to an HD7. Hoping this tablet will get me back to my long lost apps..
+Vincent Nguyen Would love an android tablet for school and work! Great giveaway, love that you're using Google+. Thanks
So..........I grew up on the streets......of suburban Long Island..........I also just got laid off.....from McDonalds......I want a tablet, I need it.
I gave to do sexual favors for fat hairy men for enough money to afford potted meat just to eat and I live in a cardboard box full of holes. I need that tablet! 
+Vincent Nguyen OMG I need one of those. I am had just bought an Asus transform a week ago then my car died. Since I didn't have enough money I had to return it! Now i'm extremely sad I loved it and I don't have it.. nor have the money to buy it again! I hope I can win one. I hope.
+Vincent Nguyen I honestly didn't know how I would feel about this tablet and just really wanted a tablet any tablet! But after reading the posts, and Slashgear's review, and seeing what all this baby can do I would really like to take it for a spin!

1. I would use it all the time even in my sleep (I like listening to music while I sleep)
2. I like modifying Android, working with developers and make coding changes and improving on the development of them!
3. I have really wanted a tablet for a very long time and would love to have Honeycomb to play with.
4. I can't really afford to buy one so winning is the only way I would see one!
5. The Acer Iconia Tab A500 is amazing and would be more amazing if I won.
6. I would be able to show up all my iPad toting friends and show them what Android can do that there pitiful iPad's can't
7. I love my technology so much that I actually sleep with it...seriously.
8. I need something to make my oldest brother jealous of as he just got a 60in Samsung Smart LED TV and now he would be super jealous of me instead of me being jealous of him :P
9. I haven't had a chance to play with Honeycomb and this would be my first opportunity to get into the guts of 3.0+ :)
10. I help take care of therapeutic foster kids and teach them about technology including android phones which I would then be able to expand to tablets!
11. I would constantly say where I won the tablet from and send more people your way!
12. I took the time to type out all these reasons why I should win.
+Vincent Nguyen This would be sweet
OOOOooooo! I think I need one of those! :-D
+Vincent Nguyen It's an awesome tablet, especially to what I've seen in other tablets. Can't wait to write a review about it.
+Vincent Nguyen Loving google+. Now if I could just win a Tablet so I could see what that google+ app looks like.
+Vincent Nguyen When you're trying to finish reading a boring book, imagine Morgan Freeman narrating it and it will be easier. -grouchyrabbit
Holy crap, do I even have a chance at this? Hopefully the luck of +Vincent Nguyen will land me a tablet!
+Vincent Nguyen I'm a student and I need one. I spent all my money on books and tuition. I'm such a poor student living on cup o noddles. =(
Hey hey - the EU is once again connected with the rest of the world - thanks to +Vincent Nguyen & the SlashGear Acer A500 tablet giveaway!
+Vincent Nguyen Ah!!!! I'm never sure if I'm posting in the right spot for these! Oh well, if Slashgear keeps having these give-aways I may figure it out yet :)
Sonny N
+Vincent Nguyen The winner is going to be me!
+Vincent Nguyen I would pretty much pass out if I won this!!!!
+Vincent Nguyen pick me please! I could use this for everything!
+Vincent Nguyen I would love to have this one. The A500 got everything I need!
Hope I win me some tablet action here
She's MINE, All mine! One Galaxy Tab, coming up! +Vincent Nguyen
+Vincent Nguyen - This would come in handy for my development efforts!
Thanks for facilitating this +Vincent Nguyen, it really is a great way of thanking a loyal community for its support! Awesome!
Super SWOOOOT for some Android Tablet awesomeness... +Vincent Nguyen and Slashgear for some sweet giveaways!
+Vincent Nguyen ohh my God, can't believe @slashgear giving out Acer Iconia, not to miss event +people
+Vincent Nguyen Im starting an Android fight club. I'll need an Iconia while that all goes down. Thanks for the contest and the rest of your stellar offerings to the community.
i wish i can get this tablet. may a genie grant my wish
Big winner .. Leggo !!! +Vincent Nguyen
+Vincent Nguyen is afraid of what I would do with his precious tablet...
+Vincent Nguyen A android tablet... I would like to have this tablet please make it so number one.
+Vincent Nguyen mmm tablet goodness
Sounds like I need to do some reading on this guy
+Vincent Nguyen An ace Acer. For work or play I'll take an Acer any day. ;)
- it really would be for work and play :)
+Vincent Nguyen great first tablet for me! :)
Here's to surfing the Internet while walking. I will spend one Saturday wearing nothing but a tablet. +Vincent Nguyen
+Vincent Nguyen I need this to settle the dispute with my Wife who is an Apple-phile... Let me show her what Honeycomb can do (Yes... I COULD go buy one, but winning one would really pad my side of the debate!)!
+Vincent Nguyen I'm in desperate need of a tablet before I start on my Masters in September, help out the poor, Ramen-eating student!
+Vincent Nguyen I am starting college in September at Louisiana Tech University, and a tablet would make life much easier! Thank You already!
+Vincent Nguyen Please hook me up with a tablet! I start at Louisiana Tech in September and a tablet would make college sooo much easier!
+Vincent Nguyen I would love this thing, I do a lot of reading for my night school and the computer doesn't cut it. Honeycomb ftw!!
+Vincent Nguyen I need this because even though the Galaxy Tab's hardware is better than this, this has DDR3 RAM, making it ever so slightly faster. :P
+Vincent Nguyen I must have it now, my life depends on it
SlashGear has some sweet giveaways, maybe I might win one. Thanks to +Vincent Nguyen !
+Vincent Nguyen Are my chances better if I add 'pretty please'? What about 'pretty please with sugar on top'?
+Vincent Nguyen I would like to win so I have tagged you. Is this some subtle plan to make yourself the most tagged person on G+?
+Vincent Nguyen - thanks for this giveaway. Hope your roadtrip was uneventful (or eventful, if that's what you were looking for :)
can't you just send me one? I don't want to jump through all these circuitous hoops. just send me a tablet. or two. We can set up a new schtick: I'll be homeless. I'll live on the street and review these gory-hole products as a guy who only sneaks out of the subway to steal wifi from the local cafe.
+Vincent Nguyen what do I have to do... how hard do I have to suck!? My knees are sore. I'm blinded with the residue of my self-loathing!
What if I promise to stuff these replies with sexual innuendo until I am gratified by the gorila reaching around to grasp my glass!?
Wow +Jacek Bugaj , totally stole my idea of tagging +Vincent Nguyen before I had even thought of it [noticed it right after I posted mine...] So this comment is as original as I can get on such sort notice. If I had that tablet, I could probably think of something w/it's gooey center of sheer AWSOME-NESS!
+Vincent Nguyen, I don't have any previous experience about tablets. Could you please help me with this problem? I'll pay the shipping ;)
+Vincent Nguyen Not likely to win, but at least trying since hey if you don't try, you won't have any chance at all :-P
+Vincent Nguyen and +Chris Burns I'm so worthy, pick me , pick me
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