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Your votes please: will the first Ice Cream Sandwich device be called Galaxy Nexus or Nexus Prime?
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Galaxy Nexus - is what it will be named.
Nexus PRIME - is what I will call it.
Galaxy Nexus just sounds stupid. It's like they are just cramming the name Galaxy in there.
As above, I will call it Nexus Prime

Depends on if Google sells one direct to customerms or not. I am holding out for it to be named the Prime, but metyinks the manufacturer will in in the end.
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say Nexus Galaxy
Verizon - Galaxy Nexus, GSM - Nexus Prime...maybe?
Prime. And they should release it less often, so it can do something cute like...impress.
+Tommy Thompson Yes sir. At the rate technology improves, the Nexus releases just follow with the times, but just a little better. The Nexus S and (thus far) the new Nexus have not been the vast improvement that the original was over what was out already. At least not in my opinion. Granted...we still have time to be blown out of our minds when it is released, but I'm willing to assume for now that the rumored specs are just about dead on...and I'm not all that impressed. (And personally, I'm annoyed with any device that doesn't have an SD or MicroSD option.) Still...I'll be all ears when it's released to check things out, but so far I don't see any reason to jump from my Galaxy S II any time soon. Just my opinion.
Galaxy Nexus II Prime Incredible 3
I'll buy an LG Optimus and duct-tape it to the back, and walk up to strangers and ask them to ask me what my phone's called.
whatever name they give to that phone, i'm gonna change mine anyway. Google Nexus Prime, sounds powerful
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