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What's your current all-time favorite Android device? Is it just the newest device you own, or do you have an old one that sticks with you in your heart forever?
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Droid Incredible, for showing me just what a smart phone is capable of! Not to mention all the dev love it got! 
Min Lee
Samsung Galaxy S II
I'll always love my HTC Hero for introducing me to Android. I was able to keep on top of things with it. Now that I've picked up a Nexus S 4G I'm slowly starting to enjoy it more each day. 
HTC Incredible but easy HTC Thunderbolt if my area had 4G
Then again any high end smartphone by HTC. I was displeased with all Motorola Phones since they locked the bootloader which prevented Official CM Rom. After I trashed the Droid X then CM7 comes out for it so maybe I would change my opinion on Moto
Before it was stolen, my HTC Desire.
Samsung galaxy SII, an upgrade from HTC Desire, and it's a huge upgrade!
Arjun R
HTC Desire HD. huge screen has made me forget that I ever hada a laptop.
I have an android phone. Never owned an iPhone. Don't be so quick to judge...
The original DROID 1 will always have fond memories for me! 
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