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Can anyone explain the obsession the public has with Temple Run (and Temple Run 2 coming next week [for Android, that is]) ?
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I am flabbergasted that its even a thing.
When I read all the hype about this game "temple run", iOSs best game coming to android, I thought "cool! We're getting the good games too!"
Then I played that POS, couldn't understand wtf the rave was about. Literally the stupidest game I've ever played.
I could only chalk it up to iFan sensibilities. 
Not in the slightest. Alough I did get temporarily addicted to jet pack joyride. 
I played it for no more than 15 minutes got bored and uninstalled it. I don't get the hype or why folks were salivating for the first to come to android or why they feel slighted iOS gets the second first it looks to be more of the boring same.
I will enjoy it better if it is done in levels and not endless. Played Temple Run I for few days and got bored too
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