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NOTE: THIS CONTEST IS OVER, and has been over for a long time! High five!

Android Community Tabletpalooza giveaway OVERFLOW THREAD starts now!

To enter, you must:

1 ) Add +Chris Burns (that's me, and +Cory Gunther (at to your Circle(s) on Google+

2 ) Comment in this Android Community Tabletpalooza Week 3 thread with a comment tagging +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther : this count as your entry , and NOTE that you may only enter this giveaway ONCE - all additional entries beyond your first will be deleted.

3 ) You are now entered into the Android Community Tabletpalooza Week 3 contest for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 !

4 ) Contest open to US and UK residence only (apologies to everyone else)

5 ) Winners announced at the end of the month . Many thanks to our friends at NVIDIA for sponsoring this amazing giveaway!

NOTE: the SlashGear side of this contest is in a completely SEPARATE POST which can be found at this URL: you must enter there as well if you want a chance at the other tablet up for giveaway.
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+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther weird, pretty sure that i commented on the original thread but cannot find my entry! Count entry please! go Tabletpalooza!!!
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther . I really hope I win also.
Wait - do I comment on THIS POST and mention +Chris Burns & +Cory Gunther or in the contest page URL mentioned under #2 above? I'm so confused, and this is why I need a tablet!! :)
+Valerio De Rosa because you withheld Spotify from us for so long ;-)
So far Google+ is basically just Chris Burns+. ALL posts are you.
Hey +Chris Burns & +Cory Gunther , I need your help desperately. My wife's 37th birthday is coming up. My whole budget is gone just to take her away on vacation. If you can help me win, I can solve two problems: a) I'll be out of the doghouse for getting her an awesome present and b) I'll be able to use my own tablet again, because she has been constantly taking my XOOM to play Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and Plants vs Zombies.
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther, your eyelids are getting feel sleepy...when I count to three you will want to choose ME to win the Galaxy Tab...1...2...5! (three, sir) 3!
+Cory Gunther and +Chris Burns I would like to please win the tablet! My friends are all iPad owners and ugh no offense to iOS but I LOVE ME SOME ANDROID MAN! A tablet would be awesome to help me out with college. YOU GUYS ARE SWEET - GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther Tabletpalooza--I have never won anything in my it continues.
Jonadab Debe +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther sup guys would reaaly love this as a present for the wife 7 year anniverary.:-)
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther It's a great thing you two have been doing here. Keep up the great work. I'd love to be able to use the Galaxy Tab 10.1 the help out with my college life.
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther - It's 104 degrees in Chicago right now, and I swear to God, a tablet is the only thing that would help me survive this heat wave! Please?
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther Wow! Blowing out a thread, congratulations. How many people have added you to their circles and commented, a google? :-)
lol going for tab and aim to see how fun it can to use it
+Cory gunther+Chris Burns thank you in advance for my galaxy tab! Android community is awesome!
+Chris Burns + Cory Gunther my gf would love one, plz help me get my xoom back! D: gl everyone!
I've done so many of these tablet contest entry posts that I'm really unsure as to whether or not I posted in the original, non-overflow post. So, in case I didn't, gimme tab and give a google+ hug to +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther .
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther ; gentlemen I believe in sharing the power of Android. With this tablet I will show my community how Android can change their lives.
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther : I would be great to win this after following things at a distance. Can't even get the 10.1 here in the darks of Europe!
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther I'd love a tablet for homework. 
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther. My kids need to play Angry Birds.
+ Chris Burns and + Cory Gunther. I wanna win a Tab!
4 ) Contest open to US and UK residence only (apologies to everyone else)
:( .. in case you start opening to Asia in future, i'll just follow you :P
+Chris Burns Hope you guys have some kind of Google+ early API access to parse these responses automatically :) Must be a dedicated job to do the bookkeeping otherwize.
Hi +Chris Burns & +Cory Gunther - Brilliant competition, nice to see Google+ picking up with giveaways like this. Would be fantastic to win, have been following these devices closely for awhile.
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther my family is too cheap to buy me one and i already spent my man cash .. it will take forever for me to build up my stash enough to buy a good tablet. help a brother out.
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther I love the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and really want one. I dream about android now. Shouldn't you make someone's dream come true like mine? I would offer to have your guy's baby's but as I am a guy I think that would be a bit difficult ;) Since this is my last chance to win maybe I should make this a long list of reasons why I should win the tablet!
1. I would use it all the time even in my sleep (I like listening to music while I sleep)
2. I like modifying Android, working with developers and make coding changes and improving on the development of them!
3. I have really wanted a tablet for a very long time and would love to have Honeycomb to play with.
4. I can't really afford to buy one so winning is the only way I would see one!
5. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is amazing and would be more amazing if I won.
6. I would be able to show up all my iPad toting friends and show them what Android can do that there pitiful iPad's can't
7. I love my technology so much that I actually sleep with it...seriously.
8. I need something to make my oldest brother jealous of as he just got a 60in Samsung Smart LED TV and now he would be super jealous of me instead of me being jealous of him :P
9. I haven't had a chance to play with Honeycomb and this would be my first opportunity to get into the guts of 3.0+ :)
10. I help take care of therapeutic foster kids and teach them about technology including android phones which I would then be able to expand to tablets!
11. I would constantly say where I won the tablet from and send more people your way!
12. I took the time to type out all these reasons why I should win.
It's a slim hope but I sure would LOVE this tablet +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther It's great to see contests like this, they're a nice way to thank the loyal community and help spread the word a bit. Thanks for doing this.
+Cory Gunther +Chris Burns I convinced my wife yesterday to sell her iPad so that she could get an Android tablet. Thanks for the contest!
Hi +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther. I'm not sure whether I entered this one already (lost track with all the giveaways recently). If so, ignore this, otherwise: I'm in!
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther - I'm looking forward to winning and doing some Android App development!!!
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther A tablet a day, keeps my bank account at bay! 
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther are the best friends of the other side of globe. Winner will be Estonian!
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther it would be amazing if i won the galaxy tab! i fell in love with android since the moment i got my first android phone and have been spreading the good word about it to everyone i know and an android tablet would be just the thing to show off and tease people over to the 'droid-side ;D
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther , thank you for this excellent opportunity to possibly win a Galaxy Tab!. Win or lose, I'm still a winner with Android Community!
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther It's on! This is a great tablet. I got to play with it at the NYC Galaxy Tab meet-up. Would LOVE to own this. Thanks, Android Community!
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther Please Oh Please let me be the winner...Android Community is already on my must read list, but I will go door to door extolling their virtues if I win.
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther ME WANT TABLET ... please!
+Chris Burns & +Cory Gunther I'm poor and I want a tablet so yeah... I'm not gonna lie.. 
+chris burns +Cory Gunther: gr8 job you guys are doing i am looking for a new android tablet after i brought and sold my adam. hope i am lucky this time after the terrible experience i had last time
+chris burns and +cory gunther - i like to win things. Thanks. 
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther were last seen speeding away from a local electronics store with a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 notebook. The pair claimed that they were taking it with them to be given away at a SlashGear contest, but local authorities are dubious about their statements because well, frankly, they were watching old re-runs of Leo Laporte's TWIT web show on it and dripping nacho cheese all over it.
Once more with luck this time! +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther.Thanks!
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther Sign me up please!
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther I am very excited about the Samsung 10.1 Tablet. The specs show that it is very light-weight yet powerful. A definite winner for Android!
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther Be gone, "chipmunking". I would like to coin the term "Mosesing" to describe how I will walk through downtown staring at the Internet on my tablet
Sam Tom
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther you guys are awsome, and I am fan of your blogs and website. Keep rocking guys! No, I am not buttering you to win the tablet but telling you the reality. As far as tablet is concerned, thats mine ;)
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther I hope I didnt screw up my chances to win by posting this....I think I begged for a galaxy tab already....but PLEASE hook a brotha up!!!
Hey +Chris Burns & +Cory Gunther Thanks to you and your sponsors for a chance to win my dream tab. I sure can't afford one and it would help me so much.
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther My very first tag on + . Awwww.
Dejay R
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther This would help with the conversion from my lady's iPad 2 to the Android ecosystem as I have started with my Asus Transformer, with the Samsung completing the movement to the Dark Side, bringing balance to the Tablet force. Samsung Galaxy Tab. the force is strong with this one.
g langhorn + chris burns + cory gunther. here goes everything, hope, wishes, prayers and all
I NEVER win anything, so I played the lottery tonight for the first time since I turned 18 and now I'm entering this contest to see if +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther will pick me to win the most incredible tablet out right now, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1!
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther Winning a Galaxy Tab 10.1 would be so awesome! I've never had an Android device before (because I love iOS :P) but I'm also obsessed with tablets. I have an iPad 2 and a PlayBook from RIM's developer offer, so I need to add to my collection of tablet OSes! :)
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther I have a son coming sometime in the next two weeks that will represent a significant strain on my gadget hobby. Help me satiate my appetite!
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther Please send me the Tablet. Android Community is a Boss, and this tablet would come in handy when i start college this year at Louisiana Tech University. Help me make my future classmates jealous!
Everytime I go to a Best Buy or Staples I play with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 knowing I can't afford it. Here's to the two amazing lads +Chris Burns & +Cory Gunther for giving me a chance to maybe own one. Thanks either way guys!
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther This would be amazing to win, given the fact that one of these takes an ENTIRE 2 week paycheck for a junior Marine. Fingers-crossed
+Chris Burns +Cory Gunther I'd love to review the Galaxy Tab w/Android...and moreover see how it compares to my faithful CR-48 w/ChromeOS! Keep up the good work, Chris & Cory (and keep up the innovation, Google)!
chris and corey i cannot tell you how bad i need this tablet!!!! :
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther I would love to win this tablet! It is, without doubt, the best tablet out there. In any way! The look, the specs, android, EVERYTHING! If I win this tablet, I can to and feed my Android obsession whereever I am + I get to make my classmates jealous :) You guys ROCK!
HI +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther ! this contest is amazing! Thanks for having such great contests. I'd love to do a video review for the galaxy Tab 10.1. It looks like such an amazing android device. Heres hoping ! (-φ-)
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther I need a new tab!!!
+Cory Gunther +Chris Burns It'd be nice to be able to replace my old Asus Netbook with something that can actually open a browser window without freezing. Thanks for the opportunity!
+Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther: I'm not letting this one out of my hands. I'm guessing it is the standard non-LTE version which is better for me 'coz I don't want to end up paying a lot of money to the networks, besides there is wifi now in every house, cafe and work place :-) 
I am trying to just check back here at least every ten minutes. LOL, I really want one of these. Last time everyone got edgy and the announcement got delayed. Figure I have entered so whenever they announce it if I win it is a free tablet so I will just sit back and scan the threads.
Eddie N
Waaaaaaah! I just saw this today -- I had been wondering what had happened to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 giveaway, only to find that I'm late by only a day! Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!! +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther , couldn't you slip me in under the radar or something so that I could win one of these fantastic tablets? Please?

Hey + Chris Burns and + Cory Gunther, I want this! Pretty please?
Well maybe they meant the end of next month. lol. I was holding my breath, but was turning a darker shade of blue than Papa Smurf. Now I am just going to cross my fingers
I guess I'm late or you were waiting for me since I haven't the winner yet so I'm still going to tag +Chris Burns and +Cory Gunther just in case :D TY Slashgear/Android Community!
I hope I am not late for another giveaway. :) Chris, why do you not have Cory on your circles, for Cory has you on his circles?
Chris Burns and Cory Gunther please let me into this world you call Android. All I need is your help,A tablet would do me just fine.
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