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New to Google+?

1.) If you haven't put up a photo for your profile pic, please do. People are less likely to circle you back without a photo.
2.) Fill out your profile by clicking the third icon above (the head inside the circle), then clicking the "About" link, and then clicking the blue "Edit Profile" in the upper right corner.
2a.) The summary below your name is good to fill in, but be sure to fill in the Employment section, especially the first box of it, such that people have a sense of what interests you. This is what people will see when they hover over your name or your photo.
2b.) Putting a few links to find you elsewhere on the right is a great idea. Putting too many links there might result in people not clicking much of anything.
3.) Not sure who to circle? Find people you think are interesting and see who THEY have circled, and barring that, look at who comments on their stuff.
3a.) Want more? Go to and to find more folks.
4.) When adding people to your network, make sure to use the Circles feature to keep them organized however you'd like them sorted. The more work you do on this up front, the better the platform works later.
5.) Getting too many notifications? Change your settings here - . That also is the link to edit your security settings.
6.) Want a bit more? Swing by
Plus. For all that I believe the world has all discovered and become settled into Google+, I've heard that lots of people have yet to find their footing in there, and haven't really set up a h...
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I have been here, and filled out all the requisite information, but so far, it isn't all that interesting, as friends and family are still mostly on twitter and Facebook.

What are people doing to make this experience different and interesting?
+Lorraine Ball It all depends on who you follow and who follows you. And, of course, on the content you post. The more interesting your content, the more people will be willing to discuss it with you, leave comments, and become friends. Same goes for your comments: If you create value, value will find you back. Good luck!
Everyday I bring one more friend aboard with GMail + G+; Doing one right now
+Chris Brogan can't wait to read your new book! I'm also a big fan of G+ but don't use it nearly enough (yet)...
cool... if I promise to take me pic off will people stop circling me back?
Thanks Chris! Your generosity in sharing all these great tips continues to amaze me... <(:-)
+Chris Brogan The gesture to signify a 'plus sign' is reminiscent of Ultraman when he was going to vanquish an enemy with a ray emanating from his hands, circa late '60s.
Made a few adjustments based on your tutorial. Thanks. twitter2Plus looks interesting too.
+Chris Brogan Smart for people. When they start welcoming businesses to G+ do you think they will encourage them to use the logo? Or a specific brand?
a suggestion: 7. Use #Hashtags, so your audience is able to catch up relevant content easily
+Andreas Gotthelf Is there any difference between adding a person using the + sign or the @ symbol? Seems to accomplish the same thing.
Very new to Google+ and am very grateful for your suggestions. Having trouble with getting a photo for profile to fit - do you happen to know the dimensions required? Thanks for any and all assistance to a + newbie.
What about the +? Is is sort of interchangeable? Any benefit of one over the other?
My profile pic is two-sided -- try it! (Go to my profile: +Robert Munafo and click on the photo of my face)
ty ... I have a habit of leaving blanks ... hope it is better now!
Thanks for quik setup tips.
Hey Chris - thanks and you finally convinced me!!
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