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*Sleep: Where I'm a Viking* 

With my Fitbit Ultra ( ) , I'm able to track sleep patterns and how fitfully or not I sleep. Last night started out rocky, and 2am kind of stunk, but otherwise, cool. : ) 
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That is cool I need a nap!
I was starting a 8.5 mile run at 4AM. I wonder if FitBit will allow me to sleep while I run?  That would be suhweeeet! 
I have one of these on my wish list. Fingers crossed at Christmas.
I haven't logged my sleep much. It was bad when I did. But using my fitbit for almost two months I see that I am more active than I'd imagine before. But now I need to really start an exercise regiment. 
When I started using mine to track sleep, I quickly noticed the deep and abiding correlation between shitty sleep and a glass of wine before bed. #behaviorchange  I tell you what is cool, getting the first FIT BIT email that shows you have gone over 1 million steps. I've had mine since Feb 2011. And comparing how much you walk depending on what city you're in. Anyway, I'm a huge Fit Bit fan. Welcome. 
Melea - that's cool. Different cities affect your usage. Makes sense, but I hadn't thought about it. 
Just released Harvard study shows diabetes (glucose regulation) and obesity (adverse metabolic consequences) are linked to sleep problems. Fitful sleep also related to heart arrhythmia in other studies. Looks like FIT BIT might give us clues to get a formal sleep study as well as other cool stuff. Put FIT BIT on my shopping list! Thanks Chris.
Ha! Turn the setting to sensitive, and you'll want to set up a camera and try to figure out how it is possible for you to move constantly while asleep! I love that sleep log feature.
Your night looks like mine, except my total was about 6 hours 20 minutes.
Ah, don't be afraid to change the setting, it's fascinating. I'm too scared to do the camera thing, though. I just know it would be my own version of Paranormal Activity! Zoinks!!
Ever since I linked my Lose It app to Fitbit I've been keeping better track of my intake. Sadly the "snack" category is the fullest :(
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