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Evidently, advertising is a conspiracy. I wish you people would tell me this stuff. 
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STYX said it all "Welcome to the grand Illusion, come on in, and see what's happening,  You are struggling, while your neighbor has it made. ...  Deep inside we're all the same"
I love the embedded beef tester ad :D
The QR codes are interesting. What is GiantSoft? Didn't really feel like doing research. And yes... a tad too weird for me too. 
Great trailer! Will be looking forward to it.
All marketers are conspirators.
I did a screen by screen play/pause strategy, just to check what the QR code on minute 2:04 was about :B
It's a link to the movies site, with a cute baby with a QR code on his forehead and some brand name. It's "QR 91" so I asume there's plenty more in their communication strategy going around.
That's an intriguing irony... using the techniques the film critiques.
Hey I think that trailer features the first use of "subliminal QR codes"? :)
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