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2012 is the Year of Over-Saturation

I think that this is the year that social chatter doesn't cut it. What will we need to succeed? A platform that delivers value. Here are 97 ideas on how you can start doing that for yourself.
Chris Brogan speaks. 2012 is the year where social media oversaturation hits hard. We will scale back on our participation in social networks, and we will most certainly scale back who we choose to fo...
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While I agree I find the first sentence of the text ironic.
I just recently took back control of my G+ stream. It got a bit our of control and I spent the first part of this year not being on here much. I've found that when you add a circle, most often then not you end up just getting noise from people who don't interest you and you don't want to hear. +Chris Brogan , and +Lisa Malcom always have a place in my stream this year!

I think that +Seth Godin said it right in one of his posts when he spoke about cultivating a tight herd and not trying to get followed and follow thousands. That kind of a strategy means that you just end up lost in a whole load of noise.
+Chris Brogan I like "Chris Brogan speaks"... Makes it sounds more like an Oracle...

I agree wholeheartedly though. End of 2011 was already plenty noisy and I have cut everything down to two networks. Less is really more most of the time.

The hard part really is picking the nuggets out and leaving just the gravel in the pan... You just cannot help wonder what you might be missing :)
"AUDIO is the secret to better video. People forgive a lot of visual mess if you have solid audio."

People will not watch or spread a video with bad audio. But solid audio with crappy video can spread. invest in the audio.
+Chris Brogan I know, but it was what +John Baker referred to as ironic I believe... Hence I noticed it and coupled with your stage stance, which looks like your about to heal someone or explain the meaning of life I found it amusing... Sometimes it the small things you know... Don't mind me...

PS: Not that I am allowed to talk about it mind you, but I watched the first show from someone posing as you or being you, I get those confused and it wasn't half bad... It is always interesting to see such develop and it certainly pulled me out of the media maelstrom for at least half an hour, which in itself is worth something :)
I love it when people "steal" my ideas... I which they would do it more. Yet, I have to say it wasn't always true - I had a 'scarcity of ideas' believe.
I'd +100 this if I could. I'm currently revamping my site to be more align with my message and this serves as a fantastic check list. And I'm a big believer in video as well. Thanks Chris!
This is great food for thought. I am teaching some kids on social media strategy and etiquette next week and so glad you shared this, Chris. Really, thanks, it's one of the most useful articles I have found on Google+
With the ridiculous amount of information bombarding us through social media, the exprience is becoming increasingly disengaging. I hardly ever reach out to anyone beyond close friends and family on Facebook, but on G+ I closely control who I follow to make sure that I can still engage in conversations, and I hope that I post things that encourage engagement as well.
+Chris Brogan thanks for the advance reading of your book. How did you come up with the number 97?
Bookmarked! Thank you!
Best advice I've read in more than a year! Fabulous.
Best posting of 2012. Thanks.
"We are in a consumption society. People can barely read a tweet. Keep everything brief. Note how a numbered list helps with this? Do similar things. Think bite-sized."

Yep, there's a reason why I stick to cartooning :D

The way I see it is, my cartoons are for "The World", and they can have a reach of hundreds of thousands of people, sometimes millions. i.e. they travel, and travel far.

My more marketing-focused, long blog posts are more for the few hundred people inside my "econ-o-sphere": clients, almost-clients, business collaborators, possible business collaborators etc etc etc
That stuff doesn't travel NEARLY as far as say, the blog posts from you, Copyblogger, Tim Ferriss etc etc.
+Hugh MacLeod - but then again, your work is more targeted. So, we both have our evil plans. Hey... now THAT would make a great book title. : )
+Chris Brogan "More targeted". Yep. And getting more so, by the day... I find that kinda funny, really. Usually with cartooning, you think of success as achieving "mass".

I never thought my work had much mass appeal so I had to find a new way to skin the cat.
Great suggestions. RE: #15 I tend to write longer blog posts because I get into the human and historical connections with horses, but I've been writing (on- and offline) for horse people for a long time and I've learned that you can often keep the reader's attention by using A LOT of relevant photos and tying the captions to the story.

I expect only the most interested people will read a horse article to the end, but they'll get a lot of the gist from photos as well. That ties into one of my gripes about horse articles -- most of them have few or no photos, and they aren't worked into the text in a relevant way.

This article is inspiring me to brainstorm how I can turn a blog post into a compelling video discussion. :)
I love this list, shares it with my artists thanks! 
I am reading your book and trying to get my business going using Google+..
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