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Apology not excepted. When will Google maps be restored to the app store?
How is iOS Maps going to improve based on more users trying to use it?
Apple is figthing for their survival with map stuff, they probably will never allow THEIR previous Map app to be downloaded.

I said "their" because they made the application with Google data.
When was the last time Apple apologized? I know it is the more human thing to do, but does it move them our of alignment with the Apple brand?
The Apple brand is perceived as arrogant outside their loyal fan base, so apologizing might be benefical.
Apologies should come with a plan of action, but "we're working on it" is probably enough for their fanbase.
wondering how many people got lost and ended up in a danger zone...
My Old Favorite Motorola Devour (( Love This Phone Hope +Google Ventures & Motorola UPgrade This Perfect Size Phone)) Ouery Keyboard ""Android"" Runs +Google Earth Like A Champ Down To The Property Points On Rural Streets.

When Is The Truth Open Source Collaboration Be The Methoda To All Our Successes.!@?'"

IF You Ask Apple Legal They Think Apple Invented The Internet And All Anachroism. Via +Guy Kawasaki 
Tim Cook values their reputation. His apology interrupted (some) of the criticism(s).
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