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What Goes Where?

Should you write that unique post into Google+? What goes into your email newsletter versus what goes into your blog? What's your rhyme or reason?

Some thoughts:
Print Room Beamish. I've been asked by subscribers of my personal newsletter how I decide what goes on my blog and what goes into my newsletter. I think the answer differs depending on your strate...
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+Chris Brogan - Google+ is where I get to share what I discovered with my friends. My blog is where I educate my readers.
Chris, I really appreciate you asking this question - and it will be interesting to see people's responses. The long and short of it is simple - the different destinations online (like off) are seeing different audiences and styles and cultures all to their own. Not realizing this, not identifying it, not responding to it is, simply arrogance.

I have to / need to / must balance my concern of arrogance with a realistic look at the numbers.

Remember when the Web started and there were all these landing pages that said "Welcome to my website, click here to enter my website?" Remember how nuts that made us feel? I'm find that same frustration when I click onto Google+ and see a "click here to read my post."

Chris, you know I'm a big fan, and you know that I'm an avid reader of your blog. This morning I read about this article once in Twitter (I didn't click over because I knew it would be in my Google Reader). I then read it in Google Reader. Coming for my daily visit here in G+ ... it starts to become repetitive.

I understand why you did it. I do it do. Most of us do but ... it's starting to become too much.

Here's what I'm doing right now - it's all just test mode - but you might be interested.

You wrote "Thus, what goes onto my blog is information that I hope gets indexed by Google, that I hope gets shared by you, and that I hope is found to be useful to the kinds of clients I like to work with"

Well - 1) Google indexing Google faster than anything else. You actually promoted my video on this topic (How Fast Does Google Index Google Plus Content - THIS FAST!) but if we're playing the game for Google indexing, is the Blog the best place?

2) Shared by us - nobody's tested this yet but I have to imagine content on a social site has, for more, a considerably higher chance of be shared there than anywhere else, that audience it already quite social by nature.

Just thoughts.

Here's been my test for the last few months.

If you search on this long phrase "even when it comes from Microsoft. Here's a quick video that explains how to upgrade today" (obviously not something I'm optimizing for, just a quick example of what I'm doing here) you'll see that phrase comes up at my Blog first and at Google Plus second.

My secret? I actually haven't posted a thing to my blog in months. That posting at my Blog was, first, a Google Plus posting. It then was published (automatically) at my Blog.

That YouTube video at the top of my blog (at least the time I wrote this)? That was first a YouTube video that automatically got published to my Blog.

You get the idea.

My Blog is not a destination. The amount of friends in this space who follow my feed and track me someplace else is, simply a bigger audience (and let's face it, more engaged as well) than those who just follow me in one place.

I want to be good to them more than anyone else.

Just some thoughts.

Keep being Chris.

Looking forward to sharing the love with you Wednesday at the +Social Media Examiner Summit.


A lyric from one of my favorite bands - Over The Rhine:

I don’t wanna waste your time
With music you don’t need
Why should I autograph the book
That you won’t even read
I’ve got a different scar for every song
And blood left still to bleed
But I don’t wanna waste your time
With music you don’t need
I still stumble and fall with newbie-ism but I understand. Thanks, +Chris Brogan for the awesome encouragement.
It's funny, I've been thinking about this a lot, recently.

My content goals are 1) to provide my different audiences with the content they want and 2) funnel qualified parties through my "thought leadership" channel to my Linked In page and/or my email.

I'm new to blogging (personally, anyway) - so my blog is where I publish my "business" content - the articles about org culture, strategy, and leadership. That's the anchor, the home base, and it's entirely professionally focused. This is the "thought leadership" material, and my goal is to try to get interesting and/or somewhat likeminded business people to land here, see the content, and if they like what they see, connect with me via email, LI or Twitter to see what kind of in-physical-reality conversation we might have.

Twitter is for, in order, crowdsourcing important content & learning material; making new friends, and driving traffic to the blog. is for sharing the important content I found, that I think people in my space/readership* might care about, and to some extent, building name rec / mindshare and inviting people back to my home base.

LinkedIn, from a content standpoint, is nothing more than an additional traffic driver. If they're already seeing me at LI, they know how to get in touch and can do so whenever the want; I publish here only to keep my name & skills/talents fresh in their mind. I very rarely engage on the "groups" here; they're mostly stultifying.

G+ is where I go when I want to have in-depth, intellectual conversations about things with interesting people I barely know, because 90% of the interesting people I know aren't here. I love the long-form conversation ability. I wish I could use more features...maybe when I know more people here. If people here like what I have to say, they'll circle me and we'll talk more. Maybe they'll check out my site. Maybe not. Not important, really - the conversation is what matters.

Facebook, where I have 500+ friends, is where I post silly pictures, launch rants, and get into bare-knuckle political and philosophical fights, talk about how much I drank last night, and talk about my children and food.

Pinterest is where I put pictures of cars, guns, and other bric a brac (and the stupid mugs I sell on cafe press).

Commenting on other blogs is about being friendly, part of the community, making new friends and (call me the scum of the earth, but it's true...) building backlinks.

Sorry for the Tolstoy! You hit a nerve and the truth came pouring out : )
+Seth Cargiuolo - hey, I'm happy that you shared it. I admit, I was like... "wow, he really DOES want in-depth on G+," but it's all good.

I love reading it, and furthermore, I like that you're thinking it over. I agree with how you're using Facebook, too. : )
Nice, +Seth Cargiuolo. You've really thought your content locations through. Good to see Facebook isn't the only place you post all "Tolstoy" like. ;-)
+Seth Cargiuolo thanks for sharing your reasoning for "what goes where." I totally agree with your breakdown and appreciate the more in-depth topics on G+, although I find I am much more guarded on Facebook ; )
Great perspective. It can be so hard to sort out what goes where. Hopefully your rationale will help others develop their own strategy.
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