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Promo Oh No

When you look at TV and magazines, do you see a lot of SELF promo? You see "station identification" and you sometimes see a few back-patting spots around award winners, but percentage wise, that's a fairly low percentage of the content of a TV show or magazine.

Why, then, do people feel so inclined to promote themselves tirelessly on these social channels? Why is it always "look at me! Look at me! Look AT MEEEEE!!!!!" here and on the other social networks?

Is that working for you?
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Nope, not at all. It's tiring and detracts from the whole experience.
Interesting perspective. I actually get tired and eventually remove or block an individual who is all about... "hey how are you doing? And while you are at it please read my new blog post about... blah blah blah"
Absolutely +John Hill - I'll give people a chance... and will tolerate a certain degree of self promotion, but it has to be at least around 95% real stuff.
Unfortunately, many don't hold a long term view of things. They are desperate for sales and see social channels as a potential source of sales. I have been guilty as charged, not necessarily with products, but with published content (go see my post, etc.).

Social channels don't sell, they are a medium of connection in my view. Yet they can and should be used for business.

Look forward to learning from others experiences here.
I think interesting content is fine. I don't even mind if there's a subtle pitch involved with it. But if the content is of crap quality, and is there just to push something...
It is actually a shame because they would actually win over a larger audience if they socialized instead of screaming Look at me!
Yes +Travis Campbell social channels will inevitably be used for business - but it's getting the balance right that is the challenge - doing a little promotion without alienating readers.
HA! I would have but I'm not sure which link to click on first in your profile! hehehe
Are they all on the take?
I'm worried about you a little.
If we are interested in the content then we don't even register it as self is when someone circles me for +martialarts then spams me about affiliate marketing that is annoying...if they spam me about martial arts then that's why we circled each other.
I have a circle specifically for self-promoters, people whose posts are absolutely nothing but pushing their own stuff or links to their blog posts. For now, the volume on that circle is turned all the way down, so I can wander over there every so often to see if there's anything interesting going on. But by and large, it just gets really tiring.
That's a good way of dealing with the self promoters +Brittany Constable - I like it. That way you're not unduly blocking people, but you also have a handy place to go for when you reach your following limit!
spend enough time futzin' on the social web, you learn to recognize - and ignore - those types...
Couldn't we all be doing much bigger things?
I guess the people that love to self promote would do it in any channel possible. I guess in TV and Magazines the editors regulate and analyze the content.

Here it is self regulated by the masses people start ignoring you (or calling you out).
It's been interesting watching you Brogan. You are on your way it seems. A lot has to do with who you surround yourself with. A bunch of other things are going to become apparent to you soon as well, and you will be different, and you will look at all of this with open eyes. You'll see.
I think of the individualism of often hollow self-promotion like a US city, with a decaying or struggling city center. We, our homes and businesses and lives, don't gather on Main Street, but have our main thoroughfare become more and more dispersed. As we become strangers to those about us, so goes our regional identity or sense of nationalism (until threatened and united by a common enemy, but that's another discussion); community simply isn't a key identifier, relative to 40+ years ago. Self is the pleasure center reward.

It's reflected in music too. With pop-cultural examples of dance to music, which was once regionalized, we deal today in fictions of self-promotion. In contemporary rap, for example, rappers draw on a cultural referencing for self-reference, boasting or dissing. It's roots are in the cultural domain, having evolved in terms of national provenience. Now, the sense of community is a microcosm of what was national or religious fervor. In an era where narcissism is not discouraged, but arguable sought as part of ones survival (incorporate by reference all texts on how to write an American resume), it permeates not just the recess play grounds... so why not here, in social media? We may have geopbytes of information, but culling through what is actually useful information versus the arguably mis-information of self-promotion (either for the individual, corporation, product or service) and what would we really be left with? A sense of community - and sense of belonging is something we talking monkeys need. With the power of an easy click of +1 or <like> - and one gets that affirmation, like getting the new house on the latest greatest street, but no longer knowing your neighbors.

It's easier to spin our wheels and believe our own hype than to hunker down and BE great in all we do and BE truly connected with all we live. Self-promotion is the pretty girl saying she's ugly so someone steps in and compliments her.
+Chris Brogan I'm sure your meeting is important and stuff, but frankly to quote, well me, it doesn't matter. All comes from inside you, do your thing Chris, meet who you need to meet my friend, but just remember. It's your heart, and your eyes and what you do with them is your choice.
+Loren Feldman - EVERY time you did an "it doesn't matter," it was my favorite of your bits. : ) And thank you. I appreciate that.

Can't wait to try the truffle mayo in your sammy shop.
Ok better question..."Why do we shun the self promoter" it because we see them as weak. As Margaret Thatcher said 'if you have to tell people you are powerful, you aren't'...but people like Dan Kennedy will say 'stick that label upon yourself and see if anyone comes to take it off'.
A lot of the time, the station IDs and promos for other shows are because the show couldn't sell the ad spot allotted. IE: Their content wasn't compelling enough.

I tend to think of the social self promoters the same way. If you've got compelling content... you don't have time to self promote.
just for me it is connection to talent, beauty, travel, for i venture out later. if a fame is in circle when i choose another, yet fame follows know not i....yes do my art to gain insight not self promotion, from 2006 learning new ways, oh a struggle....coming online and now and then see my arts, others, gives me a smile. so big. just a skewed eye perspective, interesting and when news became how and if, say often. you are correct why for 2 words to make fiction....yet chip moves us into and amazing, brave try
well, if one is the kind of anti-social ... perhaps social networking is sort of the wrong channel to be at.

this need for self promotion is all very simple, its part of basic instinct and that's normally how we attract the attention from others. humans behave like this, everywhere ... :-)

my two cents.

have a great week :)
"Look at me!" eventually backfires, when people do have a closer look and realize there's nothing there.
What constitutes "LOOK AT ME" versus necessary promotion?

This is a question I struggle with?
Sooooo true. Great question. I tell clients this and they nod in agreement but then ask me why they're not making any sales. Oy.
yes Michelle how well you put say from 2006 till now it seems market so flooded...once strong at networking others, disease was taking hold. even in olden days i laugh better was selling others, moi' non....Chris what comments and insight keep it going. why not when why who where like your thoughts
Thanks. I also think it's important to help your customers define what ROI is in the social media world. Make sure it's absolutely clear and that you're on the same page. And they'll still ask you why they're not making any sales. I laugh and slap them on the hand. Sometimes that works and it keeps it interesting.
Yes. I feel it's my responsibility to educate clients about what social media is- what it can and can't do for them, and most of all, how to engage properly in this new world.
Does nobody in this thread ever share any of their own content? Isn't that self-promotion? When does it go from being self-promotion to being useful? I think that is a grey area.

For some of the later people in this thread - don't teach your clients about "ROI" and what Social Media can do for them. If you are a business then this is a marketing and relationship platform. Teach your client good marketing and relationship skills and don't get hung up on telling them what social media is about. Any good teacher will teach skills that work on any platform.
+Patrick Allmond - it might be volume. If you share your stuff once a day, that might be fine. Maybe that's the difference? Saying because I'm not sure.
With my attention cycle - it is what it is. I don't know about you :points finger at my webcam: but my :points finger back at self: ability to keep up [insert what's important] and disregard [insert list of all things unimportant] is challenged at best. I want the "priority in-box" of gmail but for G+. Hell, I want it for my life.

So thanks +Brittany Constable - you touched on something there that is gold. I was busy writing my answer as to why people self-promote (theory theory theory it's all about me, please someone edify my existence and respond, and hopefully buy my snakeoil, if that is indeed what I'm hawking), and missed the critical point you touch on through your use of Google+ Circles: who listens to self-speak, how it is received, who and how is it filtered?

So this thread has evolved into why people do it - to what we do with it.

My Grandfather was that filter for his customers. He was an office supply salesman for the last 4 decades of his life, retiring at 90. He wore out his shoe leather, walking all around downtown (because in the 1940s-1980s, that's was still where the serious business men worked). They knew him. More importantly, he knew them. He knew what their business needed (with regard to their office supplies), in many ways, better than they did.

How we achieve that virtually? Well, I guarantee you, he didn't show up on his customer's doorstep every day. He didn't offer his customer's tchotchkes. He got to know them, and anticipated their needs. To this day, I run into people who know my name because of him.

Another example, from the other side, is the open doors of my Great-Grandparents' a Victorian home, with L-shaped porch, and their town's first tennis court. Their family and friends would come visit them, and sit on their porch. They would have a conversation. Even when My Great-Grandparents weren't porch settin', people would stop by, and ask to use the tennis court. They were welcome, they interacted, and people shared.

So my observation is that G+, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram/FB, etc etc wherever one puts a "status update" and such shouldn't be any different than my Grandfather Hal selling reams of legal pads, or my Great-Grandmother Sammy responding to a Sunday caller with a pitcher of lemonade.

Approach too often or without regard to how one is heard, and you risk sabotaging the message. That sort of attention seeking would have resulted in my Grandfather losing accounts, or had those Sunday callers started showing up daily with nothing of value to share or just to use the tennis court, my Great-Grandmother may have hidden behind her closed shudders.

The difference here, is with a self-referencing & promoting status update, unlike a sales call where you leave knowing nothing is sold, or door that clearly isn't answered nor lemonade not offered to an unwelcome vistor -- that me-post-abuser doesn't know that they're being filtered/ignored. Unless they are selling something (even if just counting clicks and watching the analysis of readers of their blog), and don't get the conversion, there is something wrong with their audience - not their approach. I want not just G+ Circles, to filter, but I want a <minus> button like on No secret, back office analytics report, an actual count for people over-posters piss off.
+Patrick Allmond when does self-promotion cross the line from useful to annoying? +Chris Brogan , yes, volume, but also, who is listening and how, and are they in the same mood to hear "xyz" version of me me me, as they were when they first subscribed/followed/expressed an interest.

I used to speak for a charity that received United Way funds. Amongst the population it served were abuse victims. I had to perform hundreds of speeches a year, telling people not just about the program and the charity, but the girls. Their journey. Their success (which often wasn't a traditional version of success). I immediately considered, when I started out, that there could be abuse victims in the groups of employees. It took me all of a week into doing it, to realize that there were people who didn't care (literally had to tell a room full of hundreds of union employees there because they had to be to stop throwing spit wads or I'd start in and I had better aim), or perhaps even abusers - all in the mix. I shifted not only what I shared about the girls, but how I said it. I may have been there to speak, but the first thing I did was listen to the room. After doing that, I never had spit-wads, or chair shifters, dozers, note passers, etc. etc. again.

It still goes back to my Grandfather - knowing your customer/audience. I learned a lot from him. Still am even though he passed in 1981. His lessons, I think at least, very much apply here.
love the trail and wow pumped. dancer i was, so lights in face were comfort....ahhh. if saw face ahhh. i love being retired though eye is an uk. my first photo manipulation is of friends "DAWTA" think, one of many. so does that mean i like the sharing of ME yet it conflicts. i came running back to my beloved art and camera STUFF gave all my other art and supplies to another friend. alas perspective i can only get close to with cam and mostly computer. yes also choreographed when knees blew out from dance. so fun this life is even if....what i think of in ways of useful social media is if i had sold anything from my sites 100% would have then went to saving the starving children of world. one in 6 in america. then animals going extinct or moving in to my area for cosmetic orthodontist who put teeth together after chemo hit, yes he is also one of finest artist i have seen pen guy for this blind artist. it was about 3 years back that a mountain lion had taken down deer, her 2 cubs, his dogs barking, yes one dog injured yet now ok, yet he with his pistol, neighbor whom was following close with his pistol which if shot would have went through neighbors foot. he told this to me. life hard then. acceptance of living or not suppose. one cub did die as result of being tranquilized, allergic reaction. what the news here did not share was the mountain lion mum and her two cubs 85 or 185lbs can't remember had been in neighborhood for a week. doc did not know. all neighbors thought so cute. yes i miss the stag and deer which would march through concrete jungle, no more. for that matter where has the black squirrels gone

fond the memories have wrote of...shant bore. so yes love/hate social media. did not the knots of this in me. for part of me needs just the kudos of wow great da da, yet here feel no pressure just show. learn from so many of great artist. reason i leave fast is vision gives migraines. yet do track back. wonder what Soccrates or Plato all the William Shakespheres' would say. without them we would not have the marvel of social media. 2 cents back amended and pumped. computer safe - well safer than traveling 7 seas and becoming the landslide falling down. i feel the snow coming when both knees ache yet not if just the one. humor and sadness will be forever and we as creatures of this mundane world i see as parody yet no more the "Karma" Cozi hurts think just hit wrong key, ahh, one eye me have two just one so off and run em' on this be
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