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This is the best song in the world.
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Props if you can hear the Stairway to Heaven riff. :)
Actually, this is not the greatest song in the world. This is just a tribute.
Right. It's not REALLY the greatest song in the world.
This rocks pretty hard for a tribute!
I think I might've spotted Ben Stiller (or his stunt double) at 4:02.
I'd just like to point out that the acapella break down in this song has been my text message notification on my Evo 3D for several months now. :D
If this is just a tribute to the greatest song in the world, then I cant comprehend how good the greatest song in the world would be!
We played this last night at our Nuclear Tacos Party -- along with Wonderboy!
Gotta love Pick of Destiny's intro, Kickapoo, thanks to Meatloaf, close second..
Wasn't it only Dave Grohl in the movie not the music videos?
I saw the same demon in the lobby at work last week. He told me to dance a jig. Fearful, I complied. Unfortunately, no one else saw him. Awkward. Ben Stiller believes me though.
I downloaded an earlier incarnation of this song long before the album was released. Was one of the first songs I ever downloaded. I cannot find that version anywhere now. It is superior in my opinion.

Love the D!
A great song that I had forgotten about. love +Jack Black
These guys are great fun. I saw them perform live. Also great friends of the Foo Fighters and appear on a few videos. Love Jack Black!
I couldn't get enough of some of these songs when it came out...layers and layers of #awesomesauce
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