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Terrifying and Some Lyrics NSFW

Thinking two things:

1.) The song's actually not horrible.
2.) They are more commercially successful than many people.

It's like.... it's like if LMFAO were real.

And kind of like Two Live Crew strained through the minds of Jonah Hill and Zack G...yeah, I'm not going to even try that...

So, um... proceed with caution.
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Haha. These guys are great.

Here's the thing. I'm a white guy from rural Arkansas who listens mostly to early 90s West Coast rap. I get that people have odd taste in music.

That said... WTF?!
That wasn't a strong enough warning to prepare me for what I just watched.
lol! Andy Milonakis just makes me laugh so hard.
That kid has some lyrical taste. He reminds me of Andy Milonakis.
Hahah. I know Andy (the small guy with glasses)
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