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First, Skrillex collaborates with the doors. Now he's in with Damian Marley. Stretch the medium. This is what makes it's cool to create.
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+Chris Brogan , you turned me on to Skrillex in your post about his collaboration with the living members of The Doors, and I cannot get enough of his music! Thanks so much for these shares that reach beyond your business insights and into your personal interests. I find that, in my own life, one invariably and alternatingly feeds the other, and it's fun to see those connections happening for other folks - makes me feel a little more sane, maybe?
+Emily Newton - you'll find more and more that I'm not going to talk solely about business. Would slit my own wrists to do so.
That's fine by me, +Chris Brogan . What you share tends to motivate and apply in either case, as that is a special talent you possess.
singin....."Me name Jr. Gong, me tellin' you. Youngest veteran, me tellin' you."
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