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We're closing the doors on this writing class on Friday. Get in now, if you want to up your blogging/writing game. (BTW: there's $100 off if you subscribe to my newsletter, and also you get an ADDITIONAL 45 weeks of blog topics sent to you for free instead of $97, so there's $200 off the price). 
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Actually, that's only $197 off the price, but who's counting??
Is it really too late?
Listen, I'm a subscriber to that philosophy. Numbers get jumbled up & I find myself "air-writing" if I'm trying to do anything beyond adding single digits without a calc...thank GOD for my handy-dandy calculator app =D so eloquently disregarded my second question so is it safe to assume the answer is "YES"?
Oh. Missed that question. Yep. It's too late. We gave everyone seven full days and then took down the infrastructure. It won't be on again until 2013(if then) and I have no way to alter that without significant effort.

Sorry to miss you. We have 73 really active students enjoying it right now. :)
Yeah, thanks for rubbing it in.
Ciao for now - you're not seeing the last of me!
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