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What Do You Do When You Wake Up?

Your morning ritual has a lot more impact than you think. Here are some thoughts on what you might do to get more out of your morning experience.
Harold Eating Scrambled Eggs. When you wake up, what are the first actions you take? If you're like most people who read this blog, you probably reach for your phone or iPad and check your email, ...
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Great post and one people should really take to heart. I've worked hard to develop habits that do not include internet for the first part of my mornings. I prepare myself mentally and emotionally for the day, have breakfast with my wife and kids, and only then open my emails and face the day.
Coffee first, then then email, then Goolge+....
I do just what you say here Chris - I jump right into email and social media on my phone. But I've been feeling the need to change it up - I've been reading Og Mandino's "The Greatest Salesmen in the World" every day this year, maybe I should do that first thing in the morning.
Take my meds, eat breakfast, send the kid off to daycare, take a nap, then I check my emails etc.
Great post, Chris. I wake up around 3:30 a.m. to focus on writing content for my blogs (which is something I really enjoy) -- and then get ready for work.
Have definitely slowed down my need to check social media sites 1st thing before my feet hit the ground. More focused on time with daughter before school and prayer and exercise to get my day started off in the right direction. Great way to look at Chris.
Great post, Chris - so timely for me. I've been thinking a lot about routine, energy, and how all these different things (projects, social media, blogging, writing, etc) fit into my life in a sustainable way. Much to think about!
Lovely, lovely concept! Develop your own thoughts before bringing in the masses! I tend to drink my coffee while watching the previous night's primetime show on Tivo. Then a walk with the dogs... and then off to the races! I had no idea that our eyes take up 1/3 of our brain activity! Interesting fact :)
+Chris Brogan +Jacqueline Carly Interesting how what we do first thing can impact our day(s). Thanks for sharing and reminding us. FYI 12in12 ...still work in progress but what I wanted to share is something I do once a month (sometimes more than once a month) but I do take time to stop and write down my intentions, focus..using the Nine Stars Crystal Grid, a creative guide to manifesting intention, clearing energy, restoring balance. This helps me focus or refocus if need be.
I have read this plenty of times on your blog however I always decide to read email first. Will continue to work on that bad habit. :)
Yes. In the AM I do yoga & meditation. And then when it comes time to fire up the computer and do some social media, emails etc., first I write my day's blog entry before entering the swarm of other's thoughts.
Great post ~
If I don't do my own writing before I succumb to the temptation of reading others' words, all my ideas fly. Now I know why.
I totally suck at this--some days not so much, but mostly, no bueno. The morning sweeps me away, I'm buzzing, multi-tasking, shoving as much into the first hour as I can vs me being in control and setting my plate. Thanks for reminder/wake-up call.
I meditate, exercise, shower, dress, pray, take meds, drink coffee, go to work and then check facebook and google+
I need to get Chopra's book. Great post and great advice.
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