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Evidently, Vaginas are a Big Deal
Michigan state representative Lisa Brown was banned indefinitely from speaking on the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives after she used the word vagina as she voiced her vehement oppositio...
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Aung San Suu Kyi

damn. I didnt get one in mine...That would be great though!
I'm not touching that one. :P
The Vagina Monologues helped in bringing awareness to the freedom of using the V word :)
+Mike Searle No, you are not!  LOL :) bad-dah-bump
And our puritanical roots continue to impede our progress towards enlightenment. "VAGINAS", folks...they exist, and we need them. Half of the world has them. They aren't something that should engender shame or discomfort. The fact that we can't talk about them in political discourse is ridiculous and shameful.
That's the anatomically, medically, scientifically appropriate word, so I don't see what the problem is here (other than the fact that a bunch of people in Michigan effectively have no representation in House sessions until this ban is lifted).

I smell disgrace coming to the folks that instituted this ban.
Not to me, no use for 'em.
+Hans Huether What she did with it wasn't up to me.  My choice would have been to avoid it even then.
Perhaps she should have used "Hoo hoo" or "Snootch"?
#agreed  +Lee Keels what is your view on 600+ month abortions then?...loljk
JP Lang
What is she supposed to call it?
They control the World! Especially who comes into this World! 
This is what really separates the democrats from the republicans...  
Those lads in the Michigan House apparently have very big gavels. Speak backasswardly and carry a big shtick...
It makes me sad that I was born, grew up and went to school in Michigan... Plus I feel bad for all my friends and family that still live there.
I certainly believe in freedom of speech but on the other hand she's defending murder. Reconcile that!

@Katz-What separates Republicans from Democrats - life vs. murder.
The War on Women IS a big deal!!!!
There is NO war on women. But the Rep in MI believes in war on the unborn. For some women that's there war too.
+Don Bistrow Question for you: What's less repugnant, aborting an unwanted pregnancy or a child growing up unwanted, unloved, and a financial sink on the whole system? Besides, do you really care what I do with my penis? My appendix? My eyebrows, earlobes, lips, cheeks, or other pierceable body parts? If you don't like it, don't have one.
Don: I guess in that case, its ok to ban the use of words from medical textbooks from public speech. In support of the unborn. Women should definately not use such words publically, right?
The word Vagina, is the proper word for a female body part.  It is appropriate to use it publicly if necessary. 
I know they're really big (no pun intended) around my house, seeing how I was raised with 8 older women.
"Have You Hugged Your Vagina Today?" - Bumper sticker promo
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