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Oh, so like Michael Bolton from Office Space but with Michael Jordan... 13 years later.
Poor guy indeed :) Had a similar situation with a colleague a few weeks back in San Francisco.
I feel sorry for whatever "Hashim" lives in the middle east. I keep taking his social media handles first!
Probably the most deflated look on his face that I've ever seen.
I went to college with a guy named Mike Jordan. He seemed to handle it pretty well. Poor guy.
First, watching this on G+ has some crazy integration

And I know how some of those people felt - I once thought I was going to meet pro-snowboarder Kevin Jones - nope...but KJ was still a nice guy regardless.
I get it. I've made reservations under M Pfeiffer, only to show up to the same disappointed looks. (But I have to admit, it does get me a great table when Michelle is in town.)
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