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Working is so different than it ever used to be. #workshifting 
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No different.
Thrilling, really, that we have such powerful tools at our disposal and such great minds as these two entrepreneurs and thought leaders.
To connect two great thinkers in real time from halfway around the world... Awesome!
Are you working with +Richard Branson? I didn't know about this... if so, congrats! I'm sure you'll get up to something amazing with him.
+Casey McKinnon - not as much. I interviewed him for a magazine article, plus he invited me by to talk about social junk some time, but we'll see how that plays out. : )
who noticed Branson first? he quite popular with girls isn't he! well what can 'we' say he's got looks and all! it's okay to just sit back and watch :P
Fantastic. Met him once, he was so friendly and kind. He gets it. Would jump at the chance of working for him.
Work Life has changed dramatically over the last few years. Very cool what we can do.
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