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Try Something New

My boy doesn't like most foods. Like... Nearly no food. My girl is adventurous but still found something new to try: wasabi!

What are you doing new this week?
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starting a new job at an ad agency! I've worked in media for 8 years, but this is my first time working with the dark side of the force
They're adorable! At least they eat sushi. My daughter brings new meaning to the words "finicky" and "stubborn" lol
Brainstorming the dozens of ways I will use a stunning new web service coming soon that I was let in on yesterday. 
And BTW +Chris Brogan, my grandkids love broccoli and sushi, neither of which I would've been in the same room with when I was a kid, so it ain't genetic!
Off to Nice, France, speaking at a Finance summits but bringing family & making a holiday out of it :) 
Driving a u-haul from NC to Boston. :)
Planning a launch event for a new product. And more analysing of social media streams for clients. Busy.
I'm making my way back to a regular routine at the gym... Mon, Wed and Fri with Tues, Thurs walking 3km at lunch...
Painting the house, finishing up the book, and enjoying the pool at the end of each day.

Have a great weekend, +Chris Brogan .
I'm reading Chris Brogan's excellent book Google+ For Business!

... BTW, tournament winning charter boat captain has a two-year-old who won't eat fish. Solution: They call it Sea Turkey. He loves it!
Taking the time to read your great post today on Putting Together Cross Platform Media Plan...
Clearing clutter from the information pipeline & starting fresh with newer, more objective eyes.
+Chris Brogan Your Sunday email arrived at 2:30am this morning, promptly forcing one eye to open in response to the cell phone 'notification' bleep. No, I didn't have my coffee ready, but enjoyed your always wise profundity anyhoo. :)
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