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Music or No Music When You Work?

Depending on what I'm doing, I like music. I write with music. I obviously don't get to shoot video with music. What about you?
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Music when I'm doing something a little on the mindless side. No music when I really have to think.
Music, usually. If I really have to focus, I'll listen to light instrumental or nothing at all.
I have just been rendered less effective. My brains is saying... What is this. I both like it, and think... oh my, this sounds like the death of civilization (and our replacement by some kind of cyberborg.
Music definitely (I work from home), unless I have the office door open in which case I listen to the birds tweeting. Plus don't think my neighbours would appreciate my choice of music :-)
Fortunately for me, work doesn't block Pandora... yet. When they do, I'll be ready as I already have the Pandora app on my Droid Razr. :-)
Yep! Even when I worked in the corporate environment, I streamed music over the internet connection! Now that I work from home, I can turn it up as loud as I want to. :)

I have different types of music for different types of work. I use my "feel good" list for just straight work, but if I'm writing, I prefer something without words or with words in another language such as Enya or Anime soundtracks. What about you?
Really depends on the project and my mood. Usually Rock'n'Roll and stuff like that, but it's never the same. I'll usually switch to something harder like Cannibal Corpse or weird experimental music when I work on new concepts, Drum&Bass when I'm doing stupid, repetitive work like hours of sanding, etc.
I'm almost always listening to music while I'm working on a project, writing or reading. Primarily it is classical and new age along with some easy listening. Rock and Roll the morning of a presentation or a meeting (certain songs get me pumped up).
Music! - Swedish House Mafia; Save the World Tonight!
My design guys listen to music 7 hours in the day and does good work. Keeps the distractions out.
I rarely listen to music while I work, but I do enjoy it when I do. I think it's because I get a lot of interruptions throughout the day, so it's a pain to keep stopping the music.
I actually prefer to work with music--electronica--but haven't had the time lately to do that. Definitely helps keep my energy and creative vibe going.
Nope, none. Speak with customers most of the time. I'm sure they appreciate that:
1) I can focus on the words coming out of their mouth;
2) They don't have to share my taste in music to enjoy a conversation with me.
I wish I could listen to music more. I just can't when I'm reading, writing, and podcast editing of course :P. But when I'm perusing social media sites or gathering up my fav posts to share for the next day, I can listen. And Google Music is what's gotten me back into music because it is so easy to pull up my playlists either on my computer or Android.
Jazz or Classical on low does it for me. It all depends as well, but yes, music is a must.
Had this exact song playing through my ear buds 4mins before seeing this post!
Music for me... although my staff aren't so keen!
Music is a must for me, but like Robert above, my co-workers each have their own take on tunes in the workplace.
Often use headphones which has the added benefit of sending out the message that I do NOT want to be disturbed.
For me it depends where I am working. In the office, then I listen to music with headphones on. If I'm at home then I try to spend at least some of the time just listening to birds in the garden (ie windows / door open).
Both .. worked for years in a no-music, no-noise environment. Following a noisy ad agency, it was quite a change. I learned to appreciate it. Now we can have music on earphones, and we work in a noisier environment. I find that at times it helps me block out other noise or conversations, but I also find it annoying to continually have to stop or start it .. or for Pandora to quit unexpectedly, as it just did! (probably more our network than Pandora)
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