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The difference between a geek and a nerd is that a geek thinks there's a difference. 
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Hmmm, let me think about that one.
Doesn't it have anything to do with "books"?
Does the nerd as arts and geek as science argument still stand?
There's the whole traditional thing around biting the heads off live chickens which I wouldn't wish on nerds but I think we're past all that now ;-)
I like that. I have a feeling this will become a very fast-moving thread. :)

I always say, a Geek is the overarching type, and the nerd is on the specific. I am a Geek, but I am a tech nerd, comic book nerd, Disney nerd, and a Star Trek nerd.
Indeed! Only the geek knows that he and the nerd went to different high schools together. :-)
I've used the distinction that a Geek utilizes technology/passion to while a Nerd is compelled/driven by it or to it.
Geeks go to annual Comic Con event and dressed in their fave superhero customes. Nerds go to annual Comic Con to read their fave comics.
If you go back to the etymology, geeks are the sideshow carnival attractions who bit the heads off chickens, whereas a nerd was a creature in a Dr. Seuss book. Pick your poison.
Chris, that's because the nerd is probably old enough to remember when they actually DID mean the same thing... ;)
I always heard that the difference was that geeks get the girl. :)
LOL Reminds me of "In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But in practice, there is."
A geek will drop everything to produce a detailed flow chart explaining the differences. A nerd will be too engrossed in whatever to notice the question.
I'm a Gerd Girl and proud of it (she said clutching her SF Pulps)
Geek here. I think I became a geek back when there was a difference.
Wait, man! There IS a difference! LOL
Actually we were discussing about it last week and we came to the conclusion nerds turned into geeks. It happened when Gates, Jobs considered at one time uncool nerds became tech icons.
Hey, +Kathy Hogeveen I love what you shared. I'd say I have a high intellect, I'm a programmer, but I have a niche activity. But I feel offended should someone call me nerd and I'm quick to correct them.
+Florian Seroussi that makes sense I suppose... while we have never cared much for societies opinion of us, these days we try to be more presentable and sociable.
So I'm a geek? But I don't want to be associated with a certain tv show musical. -_-
I am not great with people, but I am certainly not the typical stereotype!
Isn't there a middle ground for a geek and a nerd? What do you call that person?
Why should you call them anything? It is bad enough that we have geeks and nerds, and chavs and goths and everything else.
There is. Geeks are totally cool. Nerds are awkward.
Oh, there I go, proving your point.
Hmm. I see your point Shane, I don't want to be labeled anything anyway. I want to be unique! I want to be... me!
(Cliche complete, going to sleep) night guys and girls! ^_^
+Shane Hudson If we didn't label and let one of them differentiate things like this would never happen...then what would we do all day?
Intentional or not, thanks +Chris Brogan for inspiring these comments on one of my questions from Office Hours. I like +Jim Anning 's venn diagram. And your answer: memorable, quotable, with just the right meter. All, very cool. :)
Born this way, dude. Regardless, I think that the term "geek" may have been embraced as an identity more than "nerd" has been (at least in the US) - so does that make those of us who identify as geeks more self-aware or merely more arrogant?
You hit on an important distinction +Adrianne Fielding Us Geeks proudly (usually) state we are geeks. Never heard too many people clamor to say they are nerds. Or maybe nerds changed labels to sound more cool?
"We're here! We're geeks! Get used to it!" Identity politics at its wonkiest? And now I'm thinking about how race/class might play into the use of "geek" and "nerd" (esp as self-identifications). Is the use of either/both terms in the US largely a white phenomenon?
I believe the terms have implied social values - Geeks and Nerds are intelligent, but the Nerd conjures up the sophomoric archtypical introverted, emotionally stunted (wo)man-child.
So +Ryan Wenneker, you think that "nerds" implies effeminacy (for males)? Do you think that (male) geeks are presumed to be relatively metrosexual (and thus, more gender/socially acceptable than nerds?
I think that while the word geek is still sometimes used to insult people, most of us don't mind it so much as the word nerd.
Shane, Agreed. However I will say that the first time someone tapped me on the shoulder in the 8th grade and asked me, "Are you a GEEK?' he wasn't expressing admiration for my intellect... ;)
What the? Brogan, what do you even know about geeks and/or nerds?
Hi Rebecca, Another proud Word Nerd here.
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