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I am SO in!
LA-based startup Dollar Shave Club enlists a classic YouTube tactic for viral success: create a funny, gag-filled video.
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Best startup launch video ever? Not sure about that. All I know is they didn't plan for this kind of traffic, the website was down most of the day yesterday, costing them who knows how many subscribers/customers.
Yes! I'm signing up for this based solely on the awesomeness of the video... if the site starts working again. edit: site is working now
I am totally gonna buy some of these...and I use an electric razor. This much awesome deserves my support.
I like the video a great deal. Best ever? Hmmmm. Well done humor and appropriate for the audience for sure. I will give this a whirl - as paying $16+ for 3-4 stinkin' cartidges has become most tiresome. Best wishes to the "club" and its success.
Great video! That's some CEO swagger for sure.
I dunno, I saw one for Orabrush yesterday that was pretty funny. I do think Alejandra steals her scenes.
Wow. Textbook example of great new marketing. 
Very clever. Informative & funny at the same time - good luck.
Our whole office over here at Lulu is cracking up. I hear chuckles from all corners. Nicely done.
"Your handsome ass grandfather had one blade -- and polio." Hilarious, smart, cute kid, creating jobs, and the moves with the money and the snowblower. Yes!
I signed up and spammed all my friends... I am going for the 88 years.
Edit: if you want to sign up and help me reach my 88 years of free shaving message me for a link or look at my stream.
This made my morning and man will it help on the budg. Those Mach 3's add up!
iam a new super pop rock star my name is jo ellen jonas
I get around the problem of expensive razors by having a massive beard.
Awesome startup & concept - perfect for my "follicle-ly challenged" husband. The fine print on the website is classic too...signing up right now.
I think it would be cool to take this idea one step further... what if upon signing up for the razor subscription service the new member is actually taking out a loan for the upfront cost of 2yrs worth of razors. That loan payment is then the "monthly membership fee". Next we collect the loans into a pool and securitize them by selling tranches of the various loan groupings. Get Moody's to give the resulting securitized debt instruments a AAA rating ("Hey, every guy needs razors, no one is going to default") and everything will be GOLDEN!!! You can also hedge risk by creating a market in disposable razor refills and buying credit default options on the securitized debt instruments and futures options on the disposable razor refill market. FULL DISCLOSURE: I got this idea by watching +South Park
Awesome video for just an OK product idea. I left high priced disposable cartridges 2 years ago and won't ever go back. I use good old double edge razor blades. $12/year for 20 blades that may or may not give you a good shave. For that same $12 I purchased 100 blades ( At 1 blader per week, that's 2 years worth of blades for a total of $6/yr. And I promise there's not a cartridge blade out there that can give as good a shave as a double edge razor.
lol - Brilliant video, hilarious. People are going to eat this up, hook line and sinker.
Delivery is great. Idea is better.
You did it again...great job and thanks for doing what you do best...sharing, being real and saying it like it is! Enjoyed the webinar!
My favorite part:

What were you doing last year? Not working. What are you doing now? Working.
<--- Signed up. Expect my 4X any day now!
Signed up the minute I saw this ad. Fantastic marketing!
Another thing I like about this video is that it got Kennedy (the artist behind the song at the end) his shot of fame. Such a funky song to listen to.
Awesome, awesome video. The creativity is fantastic. Love the tagline, too.
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