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Worth Learning

I loved learning from Marilyn Manson here. What I learned was how one might face a tough critic. SHOULD we spent lots of time addressing the critics? No. But it's pretty interesting that he handled himself so well. 
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Manson is an amazing individual....
I like Marilyn Manson, and I think he is someone really wise, much time misunderstood. And I love the fact he want to share another view of what's happening to anyone, sometimes another sense to the words he interprets differently.

And I like his music of course.

He is interesting, long live Marilyn Manson !
I would trust him watching my kids..... Especially before sending them to Sunday School....
Seems like a nice guy.  Agreed, he handled the interview very well.
Very impressive. I did not realize MM was so thoughtful.and so composed under fire. 
+Ed Gaskin - there's a 5 parter with him on Donahue that shows even more of that: just really clever, thought out, calm answers. 
People rarely take a look at the man himself.... It just goes to show how visually oriented and closed minded the majority of sheep are...
Music is just art, no one asks artists why they use so much red paint or insist on making such giant sculptures or why they take photos from some perspective. 
O'Reilly really gave MM a fair shot too.
Cannot watch more than 30 seconds of any Fox show. I love my computer and don't want to see a brick through it.
Wow.  Incredibly well spoken.  Great interview.
The iconic blasphemy was too much for O'Reilly and his judgement and condescension would have taken a less confident and resolute artist down. But Manson used O'Reilly's arched disdain as a ladder to step himself up as a thoughtful anarchist.
I've always found him extremely gentle. 
When you disapprove of someone’s message and that pesky First Amendment stops you from shutting them up; what to do?

You cry: "Won’t somebody please think of the Children!"
He's always been very well spoken and if you can find some of his writing it's super deep. And if you take his lyrics as a whole instead of out of context, they're extremely poetic and insightful. :) But dang... I feel old now. LOL
Interesting that neither Marilyn nor O'Reilly made any mention of the profanity, sexuality, violence, objectification of women, drugs etc etc in Hip Hop and Rap music. I'll bet O'Reilly is much easier on those guys...

Marilyn's extremely smart and it's a pleasure to see him handle irrational and provocative questioning so well.

Better listen to more of his music!
So full of wisdom. This guy just earned my respect. No wonder pretty girls are always all over him
He is a nerd doing cosplay... I knew it.
dont joke about him. i actuly look up to him. so shut up if u talk crap about him
I've always dismissed Marilyn Manson out of hand but his perspective and poise during that interview were truly impressive.  I may have to give his songs a listen.
ill post one. their not the  most clean but thay have alot of meaning behind them.  you just have to pick it appart and finde it. im a music freek so that why i like most music except pop and country
The fickle world of humanity. If what he said at the MTV awards was directed toward any other group he himself would have been crucified.
He is a misdirected pawn of the music industry that was marked very well. He spews his thirteen year old rebellious mind set to an audience testing their boundaries of youth.
But hey, I pity him. The building leased for him in Nashville was across from one of our buildings. The vivied memories of him screaming obsentites to his 'Charmed' actress girlfriend and snatching her purse from her slapping her repeatedly over the head and then slapping her drink out of her hand onto the car they had gotten out of was a good showing of his heart. He was restrained and one of the men in his company walked over to tell us that "hey you know how it is; two drunk lovers".
I counseled a young girl who practiced cut ting herself that went far beyond the fan level to cultic adoration of him. I asked her why she had such an adoration toward him and her answer was that he speaks what we all hear in our heads.
He was not the reason behind her 'cutting' but he was in no way a help unto this child either.
I do not agree he is a man of wisdom nor good character no matter how smooth his comments are toward an opponent during an interview. He is just a mouth piece for a voice I am against. But he is a poster child for what religion can birth in an individual.
Wow. I don't like Marilyn's music, but that is one smart guy. Who would have thought that he would be such a profound teacher of how to disagree without resorting to vitriol?? Kudos, man, really. That's how it's done, folks.
Wow, that was awesome. Thanks for this Chris.
+Chris Brogan  I want to thank you for video as it really changed my view about singers like Marilyn Manson. Coming from a Conservative family and society I was never fond of such shows or rather hated such singers. But after seeing this interview I thing they are doing a good job, making people to accept abnormality , because that's when one can accept change
He is an entertainer.... O'reilly is exactly the same as marilyn mason just in a different disguise! At least Marilyn Manson is honest about his impact, more than i can say about the two faced double speak hypocritical of O'reilly.  I would like to see someone hold O'reilly to same scrutiny that he held to Marilyn.
Looks can definitely be deceiving - great interview.
I went back and watched the segment again. What struck me was that Bill O'Reilly was out to get him, not interview him. Bill was trying to use him as a foil or perhaps fodder for his Children at Risk Segment where he wanted to talk about the corrosive effect of popular music on children. He introduces MM as someone who does strange and disturbing things, called his actions bizarre four times, tries to attack his physical appearance, his use of profanity, promotion of satanism, use of sexual imagery, and lyrics. Questions his actions as being a publicity stunt, and him being an exhibinist. Implies that people like MM are responsible for acts such as Columbine and suicides. Bill's tone, leading, accusing questions and body language is one of an attacker. What you notice is MM is not defensive, he thoughtfully responds to the accusations, he remains composed, he is comfortable in his own skin. He disagrees with O'Reilly without becoming disagreeable. MM has no problem owning what he is responsible and not owning stuff that is not his. Bill needs sparks to fly for ratings, but when he baits MM, he doesn't take the bait. What Bill wants is for MM to say F You and walk off the set, or act like the MM in the music in response to the questions.  He doesn't get it, he gets calm, composed, thoughtful sometimes funny responses.Its hard to argue against being yourself, or not being ashamed to be yourself. 

 MM ends the interview by politely saying I respect you for challenging me, which is why I came on the show. 

I recently saw an interview with James Lipton by Charles Rose and he made the observation that to be a good actor, to play another person, you first needed to be in touch with yourself. They brought up Mitt Romney's problem with connecting. And James Lipton said Romney's problem was that not only was Romney not himself, he wasn't anyone, he was a mashup of people. I think Romney would do well by watching and learning from this video. The worse thing people can accuse Mitt of is being an out of touch rich, boring, white guy versus a  bizarre and disturbing transgender person corrupting the youth. If Mitt has a hard time owning his religion of Mormon, imagine trying to deal with being accused of being a satanist. 
MM is a perfect example of how we can't let our misconceptions and/or prejudices get in the way of 'seeing' the real person.
This has been going on with "alternative" music since Ozzy, Judas Priest, Kiss, etc.  The bottom line: we fear what we don't understand.  I find that most people are incapable or unwilling to challenge and reframe their own perceptions and assumptions.  Until that happens, they will judge and condemn because they give into their fear. 
Handled himself remarkably well. Lady Gaga handles herself in interviews in a similar manner, stays on point and answers the questions without becoming rattled. 
Wow - he did handle himself very well. I don't know much about him, but I'm impressed by how well spoken he is.
Awesome interview. Not familiar with his work but would love to check it out now. 
The world needs more people like Marilyn Manson. Too many dull people especially in the music business. 
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